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Hey Y'all,

Well as ever this blog post is WAY over due. I do always wonder how avid bloggers actually have time to make posts amongst their busy lives?! Anyhoo, here's a quick update...


What Wegan Did Next:

So from end March-April I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks on the beautiful island of Hawaii. This was my third trip to the island (Honolulu, still yet to visit any other islands), & I fall in love with it more & more everytime. Needless to say, Wegan had a fantastic time being reunited after months apart. Most of our days involved having a starbucks and soaking up the sun at the beach. Oh yer, & food, lots of food. Which doesn't really go well with living in a bikini but never mind!


This trip enabled me to form a closer bond with Whitney's mother whilst Whit was at work/ university. What I think is fantastic about our relationship, is obviously we are very much in love but beyond that- we are very happy with who we are and never hide that, and our families are very accepting. (Not to say they had always been this way). We've both experienced trying to make a relationship work with girls who aren't fully comfortable or 'out' about being into girls; and ultimately they of course never worked. But thankfully so otherwise Wegan would not be here today!


Anyways I digress. We celebrated our 1 year and a half whilst I was in Hawaii <3 I was a very lucky girl & given a beautiful ring for our anniversary/ symbolises that we are 'engaged to be engaged'!!


The weeks in Hawaii FLEW by but at the same time felt as though I had been there for months. I could barely imagine my life back home (nor did I really want to return to the rainy weather & pending essay deadline... not to mention work). But alas, back to reality I crashed. It was a safe landing though and due to our busy lives we're managing to keep happy and not too sad at missing each other.


What's Next For Wegan:


Well it had been our plan for at least over a year that Whitney would graduate at the end of 2010 and move over to the UK. YAY finally Wegan would be beginning to live their lives truly together! Sadly, this will not be happening due to unforeseeable university restraints. Whitney will now graduate May 2011... However the good news is that Whitney shall be in the UK for the summer!!! So I left Hawaii, thinking we would not see each other until at least August to find out that we'll be reunited the following month! Needless to say we are VERY excited for this LONG next Wegan adventure to unfold. I shall have to be more creative and update this more to really document 'what Wegan did next'. (Any suggestions welcome!)


Until then...

M x
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