Monday, 31 May 2010

What Wegan Did Next...

Hey y'all!


It's WEGAN here!!! Well it's been nearly 2 weeks since Wegan have been reunited, so it's about time we gave you a little update hey!

Megan's Update:

My oh my I cannot believe it's nearly been 2 weeks since Whitney arrived! Super loving every minute of every day spent with my girl. Despite working 4 days a week, we've managed to squeeze in some great days. For instance- we went to my boss' 50th Birthday lunch, & by chance as we were the last to be seated, we ended up getting our own table! <3 Felt like my boss had paid for a Wegan champagne & dinner date haha. Was really nice that Whit got to meet my work colleagues, & vice versa.


Last weekend we went back home to where my parents live for my Uncle's 60th. Was a really nice weekend as my sisters were also there, & my whole family adores Whit! <3 We had a SUPER English Sunday consisting of: an English cooked breakfast, a walk by the river & rowing lake, followed by tea at my Auntie's house. & when I say tea I mean, cucumber sandwiches, scones & a cup of tea! MOST BRITISH DAY EVER?!


We spent the following week in Cardiff, with Whit as the 'domestic engineer' (aka housewife) & myself as the 'breadwinner'. I've never been one to assign such gender roles and truly believe that once we're both in full time earning with a family that the roles will be completely shared... however must admit I am completely loving returning to a clean flat after work! Whit also packed my lunch one day which was super cute seeing as she has no reason to get up early. Though don't worry I don't slack away completely, I cook the dinner! So all is working out nicely. we've also started to try get fit and started exercising. Woo go Wegan!!


This weekend just gone we went out for a meal with my best girls, followed by drinks & my best gay guy friend joined. On Saturday we saw Sex & the City 2!! I absolutely LOVED it! Definitely a perfect film for me, fashion & gay-ness! (I wont give anything away). We had a super lazy Sunday of cuddles in bed watching TV/ films. Today is a bank holiday Monday so we're going to venture out on a day trip with my bestie. So all in all I can officially say Wegan are having a GREAT time together!! What's funny is that normally 3 weeks together would seem like an eternity together after being apart for so long.. but I'm already freaking out about the time going by so fast already & that August will be here before we know it :( But can't think that way, have to stay in the moment & cherish every second!

M x

Whitney's Update:


I thought it was about time that the other half of Wegan is present! So here I am! :) These past 13 days to be exact have been phenomenal!!!! Time really has gone by so fast, but we are really cherishing every moment we have together. I feel like I am falling more and more in love with Megan every day <3! Megan did a pretty good job at detailing what we have been up to, however, I thought I would add my take on it all. I had a fantabulous time!!!!!! It was so nice to be able to meet all the lovely people Megan works with once and for all! Not to mention it was a wonderful lunch. ALWAYS a pleasure to go visit Meg's family, they are great and always make me feel very much apart of the family, I do love them! Also nice doing girlly things with Megan's besties and getting to know them a bit better as well. So it is safe to say, SO FAR, SO GOOD! EEEEEE! :)


While Megan is being a 'bread winner' and all, I am becoming a domestic goddess! Oh yes, I most certainly am! I have never took on the role, and since I do not have much work to do, I thought why not play house. Truly though, I just want to make Megan's life better and take away from any unnecessary stress she may have. It's the little things with her that go a long way I have found. I think that we have already grown so much as a couple and it's so awesome. We do cute things together that always warm my heart. From Taking walks/jogs around the park, cooking together, to watching t.v./films in bed with a cup of tea and chocolate. Ah, tis the life! <3


I am just having such an amazing time and never want it to end. I know we have so many more exciting times ahead of us and I cannot wait! I just hope that time slows itself down just a bit! ;)

W x


  1. Just stumbled across this blog! you guys look amazing together and are so cute.
    wishing you every happiness you have bought a smile to my face :0) !

  2. Aw wow thanks! Your comment made us smile :) Be sure to pop back!

    Wegan x

  3. You two are fantastic together!! If you are ever in New York, I'd love for you to be in touch! I hope you relish every moment of the summer to come :)


  4. Hey Lacey! It's Whit. Thanks for your comments! Glad to have a familiar reader. We've both never been to New York and would to go one day, so we'll definitely get in touch when we do. :)

    Whit xx

  5. U both look so happy. Enjoy yourself.


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