Sunday, 29 August 2010

What Wegan Loves: Matching Outfits


Yes-sir-ee we're THAT cool haha!! I've noticed that couples, particularly same sex ones, tend to end up dressing practically the same once they have been together a while. Do you find this? Are you one of those couples?! Haha Send us a pic in if so!


Anyways, Whit & I pretty much wear each others clothes (bonus to being in a gay relationship!) and we also end up leaving the house looking pretty much identical. We also tend to buy the same shoe wear lately (we're not the same size.. damn!!) I have no idea whether this occurs due to being attracted to someone with the same sense of style or do you just merge styles?! lol.



In Other Wegan News:

We're struggling to get hold of the funds for my next trip to visit Whitney in Hawaii.. this means we have NO idea when we're next going to see each other :( Normally when we depart we try & get a date fixed when we're together again to keep us going. But it seems we have come to the end of miraculously working it out one way or another, so if you have any ideas how to get me there (???) please let us know!! (I know you'd be first thing on a plane to Hawaii if you did though haha).

Hope you're having a great weekend wherever you are!

M x


  1. You guys are so cute! Love the new blog design! Keeping my fingers crossed for you on your funding!

  2. Aw thanks my dear x 3!!! :)


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