Saturday, 7 August 2010

What Wegan Loves: The Real L Word

So we've decided to add a new section to our blog detailing what we're currently loving (as you may have guessed from the title!) The first to make our love list is the reality TV programme The Real L Word. This is a show following on from the L word about real life (hot) lesbians living in LA. It's a great show as it depicts the different types of lesbians out there and the lives they lead. If you haven't seen it yet, we recommend you go & watch.. as perhaps to say we love it is an understatement... WE LOOOOVVVEEEE IT!

We like all the ladies on the show, but we must say our particular fav to watch is the gorgeous & super lovely Tracy:

We also really like Nikki & Jill, they're planning their wedding & remind us of ourselves in the future together we hope for:

We're really sad that there's only two more episodes to go! We're totally hooked & really hope for a next series (Tracy said fingers crossed there will be!) Even more sad is that we'll have to watch the last episode apart as it will air when Whitney has returned to America :( & I'll be watching it alone in my flat (don't make it a sad ep Real L Word ladies!! lol).

Wegan x


  1. Hey ladies,

    I saw your blog on Nikki and Jill's fanpage. I too love this show. I can't wait for tonight's episode. Well, I love this I am your newest follower...please come check out my own blog. The Things We Find Inside I also have a post on Nikki and Jill...which they responded too! :)


  2. Hey Marie!

    Thanks for your comment & following us :) I checked out your blog, will follow you too! Wow that's Awesome what Nikki & Jill wrote awww!!

    Take care


  3. Hey there,saw u on Nikki&Jill's fanpage.
    I'm a big fan of this couple too.
    I have to say this show inspired us in many ways.
    Wish you two all the best :)


  4. Aw many thanks for popping by Angie, what a great inspiring show hey?



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