Sunday, 29 August 2010

What Wegan Loves: Matching Outfits


Yes-sir-ee we're THAT cool haha!! I've noticed that couples, particularly same sex ones, tend to end up dressing practically the same once they have been together a while. Do you find this? Are you one of those couples?! Haha Send us a pic in if so!


Anyways, Whit & I pretty much wear each others clothes (bonus to being in a gay relationship!) and we also end up leaving the house looking pretty much identical. We also tend to buy the same shoe wear lately (we're not the same size.. damn!!) I have no idea whether this occurs due to being attracted to someone with the same sense of style or do you just merge styles?! lol.



In Other Wegan News:

We're struggling to get hold of the funds for my next trip to visit Whitney in Hawaii.. this means we have NO idea when we're next going to see each other :( Normally when we depart we try & get a date fixed when we're together again to keep us going. But it seems we have come to the end of miraculously working it out one way or another, so if you have any ideas how to get me there (???) please let us know!! (I know you'd be first thing on a plane to Hawaii if you did though haha).

Hope you're having a great weekend wherever you are!

M x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What Megan & Whitney Did Next!


Thought I'd give you a little update to what's going on in mine & Whitney's world post Wegan life!

Megan's Update:


Well I thought I'd get the boring update out the way first haha ;) Since Whit leaving I've just had to return to normal world of work (*yawn*) . It does, however, have its positives in getting me out of the house & not so bored/ missing Whit! The weather here lately is just AWFUL. Feels like winter has arrived already :( At the moment the rain is flooding the streets ah! All day at work I just wanted to be home, cosy in bed with candles lit! lol. (Yes us Brits really do moan about the weather... A LOT!)

This weekend was somewhat exciting however as it was my best gay friend's birthday woot woot!! I went round to his first for dinner & drinks (whilst watching the X factor hehe!) & his boyfriend made an amazing yummy birthday cake.. it was his first cake he'd ever made.. what the hell?!! haha.


We had a nice night out full of cocktails & not TOO many drinks & some moves on the dance floor.


In other news I hink I forgot to mention I finally had my 'engaged to be engaged' ring re-sized & can now wear it daily yay! <3


Whitney's Update:


As you're aware, Whit had a week back home in Kentucky with her family & friends so she's only returned to Hawaii last weekend. Unfortunately she has to move out of her place before coming to the UK for the summer so she had the stress of finding a place but luckily she found an amazing place!! (I cannot wait to visit!!!!!) So glad for her! Whit also started back at 'school' this week (I still think it's crazy how Americans are made to study literally everything totally irelvant to their degree.. to be 'well rounded'?!) Anyhoo, Whit has been making me UBER jealous by sending me beautiful pictures of Hawaii.. *sigh*.. so I will pass this feeling of jealousy onto you! Enjoy ;)



In Wegan News:


We're featured on Tracey & Stamie's (from The Real L Word) website as part of their fans stories. Thanks girls! Check it out here!

M x

Friday, 20 August 2010

Wegan Webcam Fun!

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Eve (wherever you happen to be when reading this!)

Whit's currently on a plane back to Hawaii after enjoying a week home in KY. Sadly I didn't get to call her before she took off as I was at work (boo) & she won't arrive until I am asleep (boooo!!!) It will be so weird going back to the 11 hours time difference but oh well, I guess it's what we're used to most of all! Wish I could be lying out in the Hawaii sun in a mere few hours... So whats a girl to do on a Friday night in? (My bestfriend just popped round for dinner on her road trip back home).

Well when Whit & I are video calling, I often take funny screencaps & thought I'd enlighten you to a few, so enjoy! (Granted, Whit's FAR funnier than me, I forgot about myself being in the screen cap :p)





(Disclaimer: The above pics were actually taken when we were mucking about on webcam in the same room on our own comp/laptop! Haha!)


(This was only taken yesterday!)



(Wegan + my sisters mucking around on the webcam at Xmas)

M x

Monday, 16 August 2010

What Wegan Did Next: 19/07/10-13/08/10

Tomorrow marks a week since Whitney left... can you believe it?! I can't.. she can't! It's insane. On the one hand it almost feels like she was never here, like it was a dream. & on the other hand I'm finding it really hard to adjust to her not being here... Is a strange balance! She feels the same too. We already can't wait to see each other next (whenever that may be!!!) Gawd damn us bringing on emotional suicide for being together for the summer & now got until May apart to go!!! But we'll get there & it''ll be Wegan forever... Right? So WAY overdue, here's what we got up to in our last month together. (By the way, this will be the first post to introduce you to some other faces in our lives!)

What Wegan Did Next:

(Disclaimer: this is a picture showing the castle on a nice day haha, I am not a bird!)

When I last blogged, we were about to go to Caerphilly Castle. Well trust us to pick the ONE day it absolutely POURED it down... but onwards to the castle we went getting soaked lol! The castle still looked amazing despite the horrid weather. We still had a great time looking around.. especially as we hope to get married there one day! We definitely want a castle wedding here... & beach wedding in Hawaii (if/when it's legal!)

Next we ventured off to London for a whistle stop day. Managed to squeeze in a trip to the bar/restaurant we first met at (& return to every day) where we had lunch, we then went to Covent Garden (Whit's first time) & met up with my friend Raj ( All three of us then took a walk to Soho (where Whit hilariously stated "so Soho is very gay friendly huh?!"... LOL! "IT IS GAY!") We tried gelato from 'Gelupo', a new place in soho run by gay men (I believe), was very nice! We THEN went for a quick trip to Trafalgar Square & had to literally run for the train home! lol. In true Wegan style!!!

It was my sister's graduation party that night & it was a really good night with friends, old & new, & family. That same weekend we managed to squeeze in a visit with our fav lesbian couple Emita (guess their names?! haha).

My sister hand made 'graduation hats' for all the graduates at the party- introducing my sister (left) & best friend who's now a qualified Doctor! ;)

One of the most RANDOM Wegan experiences was when my father decided it'd be a great idea to go visit a 'Secret Nuclear Bunker' (the fact they have signs pointing to a 'secret' place cracked me up...) Anyways, clearly no longer secret it's open to the public to look around. From the moment we arrived we just KNEW it's be horrendous- & it was worse than our expectations. Honestly the worst exhibition I have EVER attended in my life. It's really poorly done & really frigging scary (in a bad way). My mother, Whit & I got into hysterics many a times & was rounded off by a man working there (who had a dog following him) telling us to pay or he'd "break our knee caps" (how funny... not.)... oh & did I mention we lost my father who turned out who had already left the exhibition.. WITH the money?!! Dad still tried to pretend it was great. But we all know it clearly wasn't!

We had a Jimon filled weekend, with drinks one night followed by a road trip the Gower (that went on forever as we didn't actually know how far away it was haha). It was a really nice day with a beautiful beach (Rhossili beach is apparently the best beach in the UK).

We also had another road trip with my aunt to 'the Valleys' to visit my Welsh relatives, mainly for Whit to meet my Grandad which was so cute! Had a really good day!

Before Whit left we made sure she had a leaving dinner (her fav restaurant, Nando's!!) followed by drinks, was a rather amusing night to say the least which consisted of drag queens & having to leave a bar early due to the police shutting it down, ooh err!

On our last weekend we decided to have a special 'date night' which consisted of rose sparkling wine, strawberries & chocolate fondu followed by me surprising Whit with a candle lit bath! She was so shocked, it was a beyond precious moment!! <3

Other than the above events, we mainly chillaxed at my place when I wasn't at work, oh & we took many visits to our fav coffee place- Coffee#1! (Who also do great Welsh cakes!) Finally the day sadly came for Whitney to return to America (nOOoOOoOOoOooO!!!)

This is the last Wegan pic of Summer 2010 (yer we look like poo, it was like 5am!) you can see the sadness in our eyes :(

M x

Friday, 13 August 2010

This Is Not Goodbye...

The dreaded day of Friday the 13th (what luck hey?!) has arrived & Whitney is on a plane on her way back to the good ol' USA as I type this. How has three months already come & gone? Absolutely heartbreaking to get used to being together 24/7 & being yanked back down to non-Wegan real life...

It still hasn't truly hit me that Whitney has left, though I am definitely feeling like a part of me is missing..... it's going to be REALLY hard to adjust that's for sure! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I've come down with a horrid cold, which is detracting my attention somewhat away from the fact Whit's left... though perhaps I'm just using it even more so as an excuse to mope around in my PJ's & stay in bed ;) My sister was very nice & accompanied us to the airport earlier, which is a first! It deffo stopped the tears flowing like mad women, but it hurt like hell to give our final kiss & see her disappear into departures :( I'm currently at my parents house, so it's going to kill me to return to my flat the way Whitney left it! ;( I just can't even put it into words how perfect we are for each other & how much I truly do love her!! She's my other half that's for sure!!

I will most definitely be doing a huge update of What Wegan Did Next so that you are caught up on Wegan antics up until the very end! Now that we're a part we'll keep you up to date what we're up to separately.. & of course any plans to be reunited!

So I sign off, just me by myself again...

M x

Saturday, 7 August 2010

What Wegan Loves: The Real L Word

So we've decided to add a new section to our blog detailing what we're currently loving (as you may have guessed from the title!) The first to make our love list is the reality TV programme The Real L Word. This is a show following on from the L word about real life (hot) lesbians living in LA. It's a great show as it depicts the different types of lesbians out there and the lives they lead. If you haven't seen it yet, we recommend you go & watch.. as perhaps to say we love it is an understatement... WE LOOOOVVVEEEE IT!

We like all the ladies on the show, but we must say our particular fav to watch is the gorgeous & super lovely Tracy:

We also really like Nikki & Jill, they're planning their wedding & remind us of ourselves in the future together we hope for:

We're really sad that there's only two more episodes to go! We're totally hooked & really hope for a next series (Tracy said fingers crossed there will be!) Even more sad is that we'll have to watch the last episode apart as it will air when Whitney has returned to America :( & I'll be watching it alone in my flat (don't make it a sad ep Real L Word ladies!! lol).

Wegan x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Follow Wegan on Twitter!

Really, we should have done this at the start of the summer DUH! But everytime we're together we'll update our twitter so you can follow what Wegan are doing in the very present, rather than waiting to find out what Wegan did next ;)

Follow WhatWeganDid on Twitter

Also, if you want to follow us individually:


Follow Fabulous_Darlin on Twitter

Follow yippyskippywhit on Twitter

Comment with your twiiter name & we'll follow back!

Wegan x
P.S What do you think of our Twitter background? ;)

Happy Anniversary Wegan!!

It's our 1 year & 10 months anniversary today!!!

Yes we are that sickenly in love that we celebrate each month haha, that &/or it's just a lesbian thing ;)

We rarely get to be together on our anniversaries so celebrate when we can :) HOPEFULLY Megan will be in Hawaii on our 2 year anniversary! EEE!!!

That's all for now, just trying to find time to entertain/bore you with our latest antics.

Wegan x

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