Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gay Rants Post- Have YOU Got Something To Say?

As you may know I often rant about gay rights on our blog and a few of you have messaged with your own rants. So it has inspired me to create a blog post by YOU!

As a LGB person (or straight), if you have anything you would like to say regarding ANYTHING to do with gay rights then please do either comment on here or email

Feel free to ask any questions about what you are thinking of submitting. Look forward to getting together on this!

M x


  1. Dear 'Anonymous', thank you ever so much for your comment. However if you wish to be so immature, at least have the tiniest bit of credibility to not hide behind being anon.



  2. Each person has many traits and characteristics that define them - who they are and what they believe in; you being gay is a single component of the make-up of you, but does not completely define you. Tis' ok for you to continually skepticise on how others criticise homosexuality, but you seem to look for it. You let being a lesbian consume you - like there is nothing more to you. As I understand it, you are a person of many qualities. You may feel my personal opinion to be rubbish, however, give it a thought - tone down the constant 'gay' talk?

  3. You are a beautiful girl and so is your girlfriend. Maybe the last person whom wrote you was right. Maybe you do over-exploit your sexuality...

  4. i agree with the anons above. you are a very shallow person if you think that the world needs to know about your ridiculous, vapid long-distance relationship. It seems the only person who has a problem with homophobia is you, as its plastered all over your blog as it gives off the signal that you are not comfortable in your sexuality. ps. you both have REALLY strong jaw lines!

  5. Ah you darling cowardly anons, how nice of you to drop by.

    To Anon 1- if you want to believe that homophobia only exists because it is saught after, then you are completely wrong. It is in the news constantly and there are many people out there who keep up to date as to the latest issues regarding LGB issues and rights. Why should it be ignored? I have had other people message me, gay and straight, so it seems I'm not on my own here. If you don't like the 'gay' talk on a blog which is about a gay relationship- then why are you here?

    Anon 2- Thank you. There is however no over-exploitation on anyones part. If you think that referring to one's rights and the issues in the world around them as exploitation then that is your personal view.

    Both Whitney & I are very proud of who we are. No being gay should not, and does not, define us. However it is not a part of us that we feel needs to be hidden. Perhaps you should question yourself why it bothers you so much?

    Anon 3- There are a LOT of people out there doing long distance relationships who appreciate our blog. Ultimately it is for us to document our years together apart, and if it helps some people along the way, then great. Yes, I am most definitely the only person that has a problem with homophobia. The child at school who gets bullied every day for being gay most certainly does not have a problem with it, neither does the parents of a child who committed suicide due to homophobic bullying, or even the partner of someone who got murdered for just being who they are. Clearly all this shows is you spent your time highlighting your ignorance. As for the comments about our sexuality, well that's just about the most amusing thing we've heard.

    All the best,

    Megan & Whitney

  6. Well this is all rather amusing! after a pants start to my morning..these 'anonymous' comments made me laugh! Being a friend of Wegan through my adorable girlfirend, I know how amazing you both are..and there is no way in hell me and my girly would be able to cope with being apart from one another for the time scale you both do, let alone one day!
    So frigging what Wegan write their blog..even tho they are mine and my mrs' friends, its lovely to hear what they get up to and also lovely to read to comments people put: esp those saying how much this blog has helped them etc. Who bloody needs narrow minded bullies (I dont wanna be too rude so im being polite and toning down what I should really call you) who are soo ignorant and just seem plain jealous that they cant write a blog about anything themselves. AND as it also seems are hiding behind something alot deeper than just 'anonymous' I dare ask are u also gay and just not come to terms with it??!!
    I think Megan and Whitney are gorgeous ladies inside and for a Strong jawline..umm..u looking at the right pics or some one elses??!! pathetic

    Love u Both xxx

  7. Megan,

    I was not trying to insult you in any way. You are a very childish, sensitive, callow person. I personally found your fierce defense to be quite amusing. You handle criticism the same way a 5-year old girl handles her nail-polish being taken away. Take into consideration others opinions, especially those whom were not rude in stating them. Your rebuttals are very repugnant, to say the least.

    I agree, homosexuality is everywhere around us, and children are being bullied- those issues should be addressed. You missed the whole idea of what I was saying. Yes, I do understand this blog to be about a 'gay' relationship, thus having lots of 'gay talk'. However, everything else in you life also revolves around the lesbian concepts. You are a lesbian and you shouldn't be afraid to flaunt it and be comfortable with who you are, but let me ask you this- do you see heterosexual couples constantly escapading their sexuality?

    Good day.

  8. If you dont like it dont read it! How freaking hard is that!? I would think on ones own blog you can speak of what you like. I always check WWDN blog for updates. I think thay are adorable girls. THe blog is about their relationship and they are lesbian so how could you not focus on gay!? As for the the rants portion, I as a lesbian appreciate as much info to be put out as possible. People are just idiots. Sorry if this is jumbled in a rush but had to post. Keep up the updates, love the blog!

  9. Dear Anons,

    If you really don't like the way Megan and Whitney document their relationship, then why visit their blog, read one of their posts and go to the effort of posting a comment?

    Surely you could focus your efforts elsewhere?


  10. Hii its Parish, I just saw this randomly and Erm ... whats this ANON pricks issue ? ? I think perhaps they have nothing better to do with their time then erm .. read peoples blogs that they apparently like reading. Very Odd. And i think you have a fabulous set of jaws. :)

    To anon - both of you.. just bugger off please. thanks.

    Love you megs xx

    oh and ironically i have to be anon as i don't have a profile or whatever and am too technically retarded to work it any other way lol

  11. Dam it .. i ruined my abuse with a spelling error lol. i meant to write *don't * like reading .. this right here is why i don't have a blog lol xx

  12. well this is the first time i have seen your blog and the last time. seeing someone as conceited and misguided as you megan, it makes me very sad :(

  13. I wish both of you a long happy relationship love is love regardless of race, gender religion etc.. Good Luck and best wishes

    Lilly x

  14. Anon that wished you a good day is probably either still in grade school or needs a "escapade" with the Oxford English Dictionary. I apologize in advance for my repugnant response. I will also try and keep my heterosexuality in check, as I have really been flaunting it lately.


  15. So Megan is there anything that you need to tell Whitney? Maybe something that happened recently..? Don't know if she would be too pleased to tell ya the truth. Just sayin'

  16. Many thanks to those who have dropped by and left some nice comments :)

    Maria- yes I really do wish you'd stop flaunting your heterosexuality ;)

    As for the last anon... major lol's. Made me laugh. A lot. Thank you!

    M x

  17. What happened to Wegan?

    At the end of the day, it's a gay blog. I'm straight but every now and then I give this a read as I know Wegan and they're both really nice girls.
    But unless you know them, if you're in anyway offended by the fact that they're such out there lesbians, don't read this and maybe you could find a 'repressing my sexuality' blog or something. There are lots of blogs out there so why pick on this one if you don't like the topic?

  18. There is no truth to be afraid of, we both know this. Just think it's pretty sad you keep commenting on our blog. Clearly have nothing better to do!


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