Saturday, 19 March 2011

I'm In The USA Baby!

I arrived safely to LA X after a long 11 hours from London to LA. I thought to myself the worst is over, I'm over half way and will be soon in my babys arms. WRONG. I've been stuck at the airport since I arrived at 4pm (LA time) & my flight was due to leave at 7.25pm.. however it has been delayed until 10pm. Which means I arrive in Honolulu at roughly 1am. Why would they do this to Wegan's first night together?! Good job we have 3 months of Hawaii heaven followed by the rest of our lives together ;)

No doubt pictures of Wegan reunited will soon be filling up your blog feed.

See you in Hawaii!

M x

1 comment

  1. Hate getting stuck in the airport. See this was posted Friday so you should be there by now, but I'm sure you have been to busy getting reacquainted to post


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