Tuesday, 26 July 2011

'I Do' From NY!

On Sunday a record number of 659 marriages took place in New York as offices stayed open longer to hold the first day of gay marriages. There are so many adorable and heart warming photo's flying around from those who got to finally say 'I Do' in New York.

Here are some of our favs:

This couple have been together for 23 years, aged 76 & 83.

They were the first to get married!

They've been together 51 years!!

She just looks so happy :)

Last but not least, we think it is super cute how the New York Mayor officiated his aides' wedding. He joked that they best be at work the next day! Those are their daughters as well.

We hope you enjoyed the photos and they made your heart smile!

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  1. The one in the middle with the woman jumping just makes me want to cry! You can see the spirit, joy and happiness all around her. When I look at this photo I feel like she's thinking "Thank you Jesus! I've waited so long to marry the woman I love more than anything! We are finally free to be equal! Thank You." (sigh) True Love!

  2. this makes me incredibly happy!
    just to see their happy faces in the pictures
    i can only imagine what they're feeling inside.

    :) by the way i read the blog completely
    all the way back to 2009!
    i am so glad you guys are happy together
    and nothing stops you guys from being happy.


  3. so heartwarming! I love the older couples...such a testament to love.

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  5. hey dolls :) i answered to the comments you left me but i am really new at all this so i am not sure if you get notifications when i reply to your comments on my blog <3 happy hump day! <3

  6. The first and last ones are my favourite, the last gave me happy chills, I love how happy and proud their daughters look!


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