Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wegging Inspiration: Congrats to the Blizter-Wrights!

Country singer Chely Wright married Lauren Blitzer on Saturday 20th August 2011. What beautiful brides!! We send them huge congratulations and a life time of happiness.

From Lauren Blitzer's twitter.

They chose not to wear veils as Chely told PEOPLE "
We like our hair too much!"

Lauren's current twitter picture, love it!

Also, Lauren co-authored a book 'Same Sex in the City' which Whitney read as a young lesbian and found it very inspirational. I since have bought it and it's definitely a good book for younger lesbians coming to terms with their sexual orientation.

We couldn't let such a beautiful wedding go by un-blogged on WWDN and so it lead to our first 'Wegging Inspiration'.

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  1. i read "same sex & the city" when i was younger also. have you ever checked out this blog?
    i get lost in it! so beautiful :)

  2. LOVE those dresses. I look forward to both Me and my beautiful bride both wearing dresses when the big day comes :) Kara XOXO


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