Friday, 30 September 2011

Launch of Femme Visibility!


As promised we are launching Femme Visibility, an addition to our Real Life Lesbians campaign where we are specifically combating the invisibility of feminine lesbians.

Want to help change stereotypes? No longer want to be the 'invisible' part to the LGB community? Want to stand up proud and be recognised for who you are?

Then all you have to do is send us your photo & voila you get added to Femme Visibility. You can also take part in RLL as well of course!

We already have some submissions so take a look here and find out more info.

To highlight with the importance of this addition here is the gorgeous Amber Heard talking about why she took a stand to come openly out.

"I was so tired of seeing countless adolescences taking their lives because they couldn’t understand that it gets better. And part of the reason that they didn’t understand that is because they’ve got no role models, they’ve got no people really confirming that it does get better and it’s okay to be how you are! You were born that way!"

Together we can create change.

So, ladies, raise your glasses & cheers to Femme Visibility! Who's celebrating with us?

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Got Questions for Wegan? Q and A VIDEO!

The time has finally come for Wegan to do a Q & A video!

Yes that's right, you ask the questions, and we answer them on camera... Simples!

Always wanted to ask us a question? Send us anything, serious to silly we don't care! Want to hear how we differ pronouncing words? Send them our way!

Also got a couple of Wegan mentions:

Firstly we're featured on the great lesbian website When Sally Met Sally. Check it out!

Also we've been in touch with the lovely Denise from the radio show The Lesbian Lounge. They'll be featuring WWDN on their show within the next week or so... and we will be bringing you Denise's love story of how she met her wife (it's great I tell ya!)

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lez Get Real: Planes, Gaga, Bunnies & A Dragon Tattoo

Goodness me a lot has been happening lately. Sorry for the lack of Wegan updates, but you know there'll be many when we're reunited next week (EEEE!!!)

For now there is a few things needed to be discussed... so Lez Get Real!

1) Leshia Hailey V. South West Air

I was on our Wegan twitter account last night just wasting time when suddenly, a lesbian bomb exploded (not literally). Leisha Hailey, who played bisexual Alice in the L Word, started tweeting how she was discriminated by South West Air. Lesiha & her girlfriend were told not to kiss because it is a 'family' airline. As a result of getting upset by this, they were escorted off the plane. I kid you not. Boy, they didn't know what they had got themselves into. Lesbians all over the world went tweeting crazy on South West Air's arse. Celebs got involved to- Sophia Bush from Over The Hill, Kate Moening from The L Word, Tracy Ryserson from The Real L word.. the list goes on.

The bottom line is, a straight couple would not have been told to stop kissing, and secondly, there are many LGB families out there, not just heterosexual ones. It is plain discrimination and it should not be tolerated. Further, the most irnoic thing about it all is that South West air is the official airline of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA), and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). Say whaaaat???

Here are Leisha's tweets:

Here is their response:

Statement Regarding Southwest Airlines Customers Removed from Flight 2274

Sep 26 2011

Initial reports indicate that we received several passenger complaints characterizing the behavior as excessive. Our crew, responsible for the comfort of all Customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behavior and not gender. The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight. We regret any circumstance where a passenger does not have a positive experience on Southwest and we are ready to work directly with the passengers involved to offer our heartfelt apologies for falling short of their expectations.

Um. Where's the apology??

Leisha responded on her official bands twitter:

LinkSo I think there is a clear message from this, never let discrimination win. Always stand up for yourselves!

2) RIP Jamey

Speaking of discrimination, no doubt you have heard of the death of Jamey Rodemeyer. Sadly the 14 year old committed suicide as a result of homophobic bullying from his peers. He had not long ago made a 'Its Get Better' video. It's just absolutely heart breaking to see a child realise that it does get better to being bullied to the point that he can longer longer envision that happening. There is now talks of a hate crime bullying law to be implemented. He was a big Lady GaGa fan and tweeted to her:

Gaga did a tribute to Jamey. I get teared up over it every time I watch it. You can watch it here.
"We lost a little monster this week...Bullying is for losers" <3

3) Playboy Bunnies

In our Femme Invisibility post we mentioned Amber Heard in Playboy Club and about the lesbian character in it. Having now watched two episodes (and absolutely hooked), it is clear to see that the closeted lesbian character is in fact very feminine (hurray! Bottom left in photo). It is rather interesting watching her character and fellow closeted gay husband have to pretend to be married. Further, her on screen 'husband', Sean Maher, has just come out as gay himself. So congratulations to him!!

The Playboy Club is definitely good viewing for lesbians so I was wondering how the lesbian character is meant to suppress her feelings... & then came a scene where Amber Heard's character Maureen asked her to photograph her. Her response was great!

For the full scene click here.

Sorry if you're not a fan of gifs, but I am! ;)

4) The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo

Who here has read the Millenium Triology? I'm onto the third book and love it and I've watched the first film in Swedish. When I heard that there were making a more Hollywood version of the film I was a little annoyed and felt there was no need. However having now seen the trailer I am quite inpressed by it and think that Daniel Craig makes a good Blomkvist. I also like how they have focused on Lisbeth's bisexuality and her relationship with Miriam more than the other film seemed to. So I think I will be going to see the film, will you?

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Love Stories ♥ Rande & Britney

We have another beautiful love story for you, submitted by Rande- one of our 'Real Life Lesbians'. She has a great blog about vegetarian food- 'The Vegetable Kitchen' and it's yummy! We love this story, only a girl could dream that you'd meet a hot flight attendant and a great romance would begin! I'll stop now before I give too much away. Take it away Rande...


I had been a Flight Attendant for two years when I was called out last minute to do a flight I had never done before. I wasn't particularly excited about this flight as it was the longest of all of our flights. Little did I know that I would soon be wishing this flight was much longer. I was greeting passengers as they boarded when Britney walked on. If anyone had seen my head turn to watch her pass I'm sure I would have been terribly embarrassed. She literally took my breath away, I'm not even sure I was able to say "hello". The whole flight seemed set up just for us, I happened to be working in the section she was sitting in and her aisle seat made it much easier than if I had been trying to catch her eye leaning over a row full of strangers. We chatted about the book she was reading (I swooned over her charm and intelligence) and I took every opportunity to pick up trash or take care of anyone near her row. I've probably never worked that hard since ;) The parts of the flight where we weren't talking were spent nervously making eye contact, blushing, looking away, etc.


When the flight was about to land I started to panic. I didn't even know her name yet but I knew I would regret it terribly if I didn't do something. The seatbelt sign went off and I scrambled for something to write on, coming up with a ripped paper towel (I found this to be quite humiliating but she assures me it was adorable). I scribbled an awkward note, stood a bit away from the rest of the crew and when the line seemed to magically pause with her right in front of me I pressed it into her hand. I'll never forget the sweet way she tilted her head and thanked me.


Long story short, that was nearly three years ago and with her in St. Louis and me near Seattle we've gone through a lot to be together. It just amazes me that I found this ridiculously beautiful person on an airplane, and we fell in love. I've never met anyone who let me be me so completely and who so fully supported me to be whoever I wanted to be.


The Happy Ending/Happy Beginning to this story (which happens to be my favorite story to tell: The Day I Met The Most Beautiful Girl in the World on an Airplane) is that as of this week, we are no longer long distance. We live in the same state for the first time ever and I'm so excited to see where life takes us next.


As a fellow long distance couple we're SO happy they made it through the distance and no longer have to endure it. HURRAY! Keep us updated ladies. Wegan X


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Friday, 23 September 2011

Femme Invisibility!


The subject of femme invisibility has been popping up everywhere lately. Well it seems that way to me. And why I haven't blogged about it before I do not know. It's been blogged about by Femme on a Mission, Effing Dyke, The Fab Femme & The Adventures of Two Girls in Love lately to name a few.

For those of you who don't know 'femme' refers to feminine looking lesbians i.e Whitney & I. Also known as 'lipstick lesbians' (Whitney & I have always loved this phrase, whereas others hate it).

The issue is the problem of femmes being noticed as gay against the stereotype of what people think a lesbian looks like...

& looking LIKE a lesbian is fine, nothing against that if that's who you are. Typically short hair, no make up, baggy jeans and a tshirt blah blah. You can spot them straight away. Of course theres also those who are a mix of femme & dykey, so slightly easier to spot. But femmes? We mainly slip under the radar, from both straights & gays. I used to go out gay clubbing twice a week whilst at University. The majority of my friends were gay males. It was very hard for me to ever find a lady when out because 1) I was most likely assumed to be straight/ fag hag 2) I assumed the majority of pretty ladies in the club were straight/ fag hags. Also there tends to be the coupling of femmes with butch lesbians, so its more rare to see femme/femmes. Gah.

Looking femme has its disadvantages, not only in finding a girlfriend (but hellooo I clearly did & woot yay for me lol). However you also get looked at by lesbians like you shouldn't be there, and then straights don't believe that you are gay (especially guys of course). So you're left wondering, where exactly do I belong and where can I find others like me. It does have its advantages, you can more easily escape homophobia and any form of hate crime by not being able to be singled out as a gay.

But the question remains, how do we tackle femme invisibility??

A few months back evidently we launched 'Real Life Lesbians' to try and tackle general lack of visibility and lesbian role models. As lets face it, there aren't many out there. Femme wise we have Portia De Rossi & Amber Heard.. but Lindsay Lohan doesn't really count does she? & Megan Fox? Not sure.

The Adventures of Two Girls in Love brought to my attention how there is a lesbian character in the new playboy club series, in which Amer Heard is playing a straight character in it and shared her annoyance at how they made the lesbian bunny be less feminine. Even those shes meant to be in the closet and married to a gay man.. she still has to be a bit obviously gay?.. NO she doesn't!!

Also, I propose to add to our RLL campaign a 'Femme Visibility' section. For those of you fellow femmes who want to stand up loud and proud, or want to join in with the voice of other femmes. Here's your chance! If you'd already submitted to our RLL campaign and want to be included in the Femme Visibility section, then just drop us a comment/email/tweet. I'll get working on it today ;)

So thoughts people! I want to hear thoughts from those of you reading this whether you be gay or straight yourselves. What image do you think of when you think of lesbians? How did you feel to discover a blog like ours of two femme lesbians? What do you think can be done to increase femme invisibility?

Also thanks to Femme on a Mission for posting this rather funny & relevant song:

<span class=
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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Some Good News!!

Yay! We have some good news for you... You ready??

1) Wegan will be reunited on 1st October!!! YAAAAAY!!! I'm (obvs Megan) flying out to South Carolina to spend a couple of weeks with my baby. First time experiencing autumn in the states woot! We're very excited for cuddles, waking up to one another, getting pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks AND to watch the new series of Dexter together. OMG!



2) I have an interview next week!!! WOOT WOOT!! This will be a couple of days before I fly out, not sure if I would have heard if I've got the job before i go or whilst I'm in USA so again, keep yours fingers crossed please!

3) Should have included this in the celebrating post really, but here's me officially handing in my Msc Dissertation! WOOT!

(How many woots & yays are in this post?? haha).

4) Also we have for the second time been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you so much Melina from Only a Flight Away. You may remember we featured her love story on our blog. She is a super lovely girl & we're very pleased she picked us :) Thanks lovely!

To accept this reward I have to follow these rules:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us seven things about yourself.
3. Give this award up to fifteen bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them know about the award.

Here are my (well our) 7 Facts:

1) Whitney's last surname is Bacon. Megan is a vegetarian. We will be joining names... this seems to make many laugh ;)

2) Whitney first found Megan on Myspace when she was staying in the Peninsula in Hawaii. Whitney's last place in Hawaii was again the Peninsula, but this time with me there! Funny how things work out huh?

3) When hiking Kokohead in Hawaii, Whitney tore her ACL ( anterior cruciate ligament & meniscus) in her leg... and wait for it.. had to be airlifted off the mountain.. No joke! This period of healing is when she started to chat to Megan more.

4) Megan did ballet for 16 years, from the age of 2 and a half to 18!

5) We both wear contacts and glasses.

6) Megan wanted to do PR when she was younger, where as Whitney wanted to do more human rights law/ equality rights. Funny how we've swapped our career ambitions huh?

7) Whitney's favourite type of films are black comedies! Megan likes a lot of rom/coms and has hardly watched a horror film in her life.

So what do you think of our facts?

We now nominate this award to the following bloggers:

(Some of you may have already received this award before but what the heck lol).


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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Celebrating & Commiserating!

Wegan back on 20th September 2008


Let's get to the good stuff first. Today, 20th September, marks 3 years exactly since Whitney & I first met! We met by Waterloo station in London. Unbeknown to me, Whitney had all of her fellow Hawaii peeps with her for 'moral support' when she met me. I came out of the station and had to walk across a bridge, and down the stairs... not only being watched by Whitney but also a group of girls!! haha. I was very nervous at that point. As soon as I spotted Whitney, my heart immediately fluttered and I remember taking in her long blonde hair, sunglasses & leather jacket & thinking 'holy moley this girl is hot!' haha.

First ever pic I took of Whitney (ooh she didn't know what she had in store haha)

First ever pic of Wegan! (My haven't we changed?! haha)

Cute pics of whit <3




One of our fav pics from this day

We spent the day wondering around London (Whitney thought I knew where I was going... I didn't lol). We came across this random cafe in the middle of a park & ordered some wine... it was the afternoon! turns out to conquer her nerves before meeting me, Whitney had a couple of mohitos! Haha.

Later that eve we went to where Whitney was staying at University, and we got ready to go out in London with my friend Nik Thakkar. He drove us around London in his car playing Lady Gaga- the first time we had ever heard her and we immediately loved her tunes. We ended up going to the Lesbian bar 'Candy Bar' (yes as mentioned before)..

We always laugh about this happening upon entering:
Door Woman: Do you know what kind of bar this is?
Megan: Er.. a lesbian bar, CUZ we are LES-BIANS!!
Nik:.. well.. I'm not...

At Candy Bar:


With Nik

We had our first kiss at that bar!! <3 We then stayed over at Nik's... and departed the next day. It was truly an amazing weekend! Two weeks later Whitney came to visit me in Cardiff and we became officially a couple! I will tell you that story soon...

So as I say, today we are celebrating 3 years since we first met!

Here's the first videos I took of Whitney.. she will most likely kill me for putting these up but they're funny hehe....

Chucking in a couple of more things to celebrate in a mini
Gay Rights Round Up


Today Don't Ask Don't Tell is officially repealed after 18 years!!! WOO!!! It is now ok to be gay in the military!

Also, the UK gorvernment has anmounced plans to introduce gay marriage in 2015! Let's hope it's quicker than that ;) To read more click here.


However, as you know, we're planning on re-applying for Whitney's visa and waiting for me to get a job for us to do so (is very hard to get employment in UK at the moment.. even with a degree and masters *sigh*). We just found out today I also have to be out of my over draft and have three months bank statements before we can apply. So this means realistically we're looking to at least December until we can apply! We are devastated :( I wish I were rich!!! but alas sadly I am not, so please EVERYONE keep your fingers crossed I get a job soon & start earning ASAP!!!

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

What Wegan Did Next: SC Vlog!!

After some *ahem* copywright issues of trying to use Blake Shelton's 'Honeybee' song, we finally bring you our vlog from South Carolina! This was filmed over our last weekend in SC, as Whitney very kindly bought replaced my cam corder before I left!

It's mainly us driving around, trying to find Cracker Barrel, Megan being taught a peg jumping game & ending with a trip to the airport (BOO)...

Take a look & enjoy! Please
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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Update from Megan!

This post is a bit random but just to say a few things to update you a bit.

1) I'm returning to my old home Cardiff for the first time in 6 months!!! Not been back since I went to Hawaii, got engaged & went to South Carolina. Very looking forward to seeing my friends & previous work colleagues!!

2) I'm FINALLY handing in my dissertation!!!! After spending a year on it, it's finally due in. It's been something that's kept me busy whilst I was in Hawaii & Whitney was at school, we studied together at Starbucks and it helped keep me preoccupied now that we're back to long distance. Now what will I do? I NEED A JOB ASAP. That's what.

3) Speaking of jobs, as soon as I get one we are applying for Whitney's visa ASAP. Anyone want to hire me??

4) & just HOW cute/gorgeous/stunning is my baby girl? Sneaked these shots on Skype yesterday!

Megan X

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