Friday, 30 September 2011

Launch of Femme Visibility!


As promised we are launching Femme Visibility, an addition to our Real Life Lesbians campaign where we are specifically combating the invisibility of feminine lesbians.

Want to help change stereotypes? No longer want to be the 'invisible' part to the LGB community? Want to stand up proud and be recognised for who you are?

Then all you have to do is send us your photo & voila you get added to Femme Visibility. You can also take part in RLL as well of course!

We already have some submissions so take a look here and find out more info.

To highlight with the importance of this addition here is the gorgeous Amber Heard talking about why she took a stand to come openly out.

"I was so tired of seeing countless adolescences taking their lives because they couldn’t understand that it gets better. And part of the reason that they didn’t understand that is because they’ve got no role models, they’ve got no people really confirming that it does get better and it’s okay to be how you are! You were born that way!"

Together we can create change.

So, ladies, raise your glasses & cheers to Femme Visibility! Who's celebrating with us?

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  1. i am :)
    cheers love
    best of luck with the new Femme Visibility!

    have a great weekend <3

    fly with me ♥

  2. Can I just say how much I admire you two and this blog?? I love that you are who you it should be!

    It's been so hard in Utah to watch the gay community crumble. We've had two horrifying attacks just this month alone. My cousin came out a year ago, and I really am scared for his safety. People need to open their eyes and welcome change. Let people love who they want to love!!!!

    Love this blog and now am following huns! xo.


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