Sunday, 18 September 2011

What Wegan Did Next: SC Vlog!!

After some *ahem* copywright issues of trying to use Blake Shelton's 'Honeybee' song, we finally bring you our vlog from South Carolina! This was filmed over our last weekend in SC, as Whitney very kindly bought replaced my cam corder before I left!

It's mainly us driving around, trying to find Cracker Barrel, Megan being taught a peg jumping game & ending with a trip to the airport (BOO)...

Take a look & enjoy! Please
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  1. LOVE YOUR VLOG! I am still laughing about the discussion of "how does this qualify as a biscuit?" My British Partner asks me this when I make her the American version of "biscuits" She loves them by the way, with butter and honey. WHO wouldn't?
    Wegan, you two are going to be the most awesome Brides. Mazel Tov! Cheers! Buon Gusto!
    In any language, I wish you a long and happy life together.


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