Love Stories ♥ Bridget & Steve


I discovered Bridget's blog a few months back and immediately fell in love with her and her family. No doubt you will too! I was entranced ready her love story and I'm sure you will be too... Take it away Bridget!

Love Stories ♥ Bridget & Steve

hi everybody! i'm bridget from tales of me and the husband and i am delighted to share my crazy love story with you all. thanks, whitney + megan, for having me!!

i first met my husband when i was a freshman at a school in new england. the school where he taught. ooooh... scandal! so, he was a great teacher. seriously, engaging to listen to (and to look at). i had a crush on him. settle yourselves, it was innocent and i was not the only freshman girl who had one. he was married with kids and a dog and i had a boyfriend! like i said, it was innocent.

well, i took one class with him, then i took another class with him, and i declared him to be my favorite professor ever. he was incredibly smart but completely normal and down-to-earth. i thoroughly enjoyed his classes (though, he'll remind me now, i did skip a few). so, during my sophomore year while enrolled in a class of his, the campus was informed that his wife was sick. it was cancer and the outlook was not good. it was nothing short of devastating. there were 24-hour prayer vigils, constant updates, and lots of tears. after a month long battle with cancer including a hopeful surgery, during which the discovery was made that the cancer had spread too much, his young wife died. the kids were 2, 4, 10, and 12.

steve disappeared from the campus. the college gave him the semester off to be with his kids, to get his head above water. i didn't stop thinking of him and his family and feeling absolutely broken-hearted for them. he came back the following semester and i would stop in his office once in awhile, bringing him banana bread and seeing how he was. he had many student-friends... we might call him the young-hip-professor-man. all that to say, it wasn't weird to stop in his office to chat.

now we're in my junior year. early on, in september, i discovered that he needed a babysitter. i called as soon as i heard and told him i could do it. i felt a strong desire to be a part of his kids' lives, to be a part of his. and still, it was truly innocent! i can only explain it now by saying God somehow knew what he was doing. i thought nothing would ever come of it--the thought truly didn't cross my mind. so, i began babysitting for his young kids while he would take off for the day, going to counseling and other errands.

before he left, and when he'd get home, we'd talk and talk... conversation was effortless. if he were my own age, i would've thought there was some flirting but with the age difference and the whole professor-student thing, i didn't trust my instincts! it was quite confusing, to say the least. we would laugh, talk about life and love, his wife, his kids, my family, school, anything. after a few months, it was obvious. we liked one another but both of us were too scared to say anything. i forced myself one day to pick up the phone and address it. sure enough, i was right.

and we began to date. quietly, slowly... beautifully. we fell in love pretty quickly. it was scary... there was some unchartered territory here... mom of 4?? 21 years old?! come again?! but it was love, and i wasn't going to give it up.

we got engaged in july (in switzerland. he scored some major points for that one.) and then were married the following december. we've been married almost five years now and i love the guy (most of the time!).

last july we added one to our mix too. little mr. parker. he's only three months old but has been a pretty huge blessing to all of us.

so, there's our crazy story. thanks for coming along and reading it.

i love you lots, steve. thanks for marrying me.

the story, a much longer version, is also on my blog here.

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  1. What a beautiful story! It never matters the age, just the connection. And sounds like you two really found each other in a time of need. Hey, and for any ney sayers out there, my dad was also my mom's college professor, and they have been married for over 30 years now. Go college ;)


  2. wow this story is amazing, one of my favorites so far!


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