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Gay Rights Round Up + Tumblr Tuesday

Firstly I apologise as I've been slacking in giving you the latest Gay Rights Roundups and then missed last weeks Tumblr Tuesday. Feel free to shake your head in disapproval. But you still love me right? Especially as today I bring you a bit of both!

Plus, I have now joined the Iphone team! Yups, I have ditched my beloved Blackberry who I have stuck with for years. I am, however, already in love with my phone and enjoying getting all the apps. 

Isn't it just so pretty?

Megan’s new phone!

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Gay Rights Roundup

Miss California

History was made when the Miss California pageant had two openly gay women enter it. Only took 60 years!! Mollie Thomas entered to help shatter stereotypes of what it is to be a lesbian. 

"I'm running for equality and will use this in order to promote visibility on current issues, to become a youth advocate and a role model.”- Mollie Thomas
Now that's what we like to hear! Clearly our kinda girl. Let's hope she takes part in Real Life Lesbians/ Femme Visibility. But we thank her for all that she done by simply being open and proud.

You can watch her being interviewed here:
View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

Right Time for Marriage?


According to a Tory MP, David Burrowes, it is not the right time for gay marriage. 

 “Gay marriage is a debate we don’t need to have at this stage. It is not an issue people are hammering us on the doorstep to do something about."- Burrowes (Source)

Oh, it's not a debate that we need at the moment is it? No, I'm sure YOU may not need it but there are MANY that do. Arse wipe (my new favourite term). No doubt there will be a backlash to the Government debating about gay marriage in the UK, which starts in March. But lets get one thing clear, it is not a want- it's a need. (Perhaps he has the wrong date set on his watch to backwards?)

Rainbow Hair-band = Controversy?

A young British tennis player, Laura Robson, has found herself wrapped up in controversy by wearing a rainbow hair band. This one here in fact:

She claims she wore it simply to show her support for equal rights. Though at the same time there was an arranged a rainbow-flag wearing protest against former tennis player Margaret Court who, known for her anti- gay remarks, has recently commented how it is a choice to be gay and that lesbians are ruining the sport.

This is her:
Court has historically been outspoken in her opposition of gay rights

Enough said.
Source & article here

Another Gay Suicide

Sadly another gay suicide has taken place in America. This one, however, came as an even bigger surprise as Eric James was a volunteer for the Trevor Project; it's aim to prevent suicides of LGBT people.  Like others, he had not long ago made a 'It's Get Better' video.

Here is the video :(

Sorry to end on such a sad note there!




Can I join the cuddle?! 




This right here!


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Which images did you like the best or relate to?

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  1. i seriously love your tumblr tuesday
    you always have amazing pictures!

    thank you for sharing love!

    i added both on instagram ♥

    Melina ♥

  2. people can be so stupid.. who cares if a person is gay or straight.. everyone has the right to love another person.. ugh.. ignorant and stupid people SUCK!

  3. Love Love the pictures specially the chanel nails :) Welcome to the instagram world woohoo im excited that you girls are finally a part of it

  4. My fav pic is of the infinity tattoo on the girl's finger! I saw that for the first time last week and have been in love with it ever since!

  5. I find it so sad that people are so closed-minded still. Everybody is the same... we breathe the same oxygen, drink the same water, require the same healthcare and should be able to love and spend our lives with whom we choose.

    xoxox Diana

  6. First off you girls are absolutely gorgeous!! And the third to last image made me bust out laughing! Deff gonna write this out and put it on the BF's door!!!!!! xoxo

  7. Lovely, I really want that hair-tie Laura Robson has in her hair! It's so cute, I wonder where she got it.

    Sending love,


  8. this is such a lovely post! and how exciting that history has been made with the pageant!!
    xo TJ

  9. Fabulous post ladies :) Love the Disney picture! The whole gay marriage thing is rediculous, we just wrote a rather long blog post about it lol, "not the right time"-imagine if straight marriage rights were all revoked because it's 'not the right time' :/

  10. I love that Union Jack pillow, and those LOVE mugs from Anthro? I have them on top of my fridge, though they are empty. I just put up some shelves in my sewing room, so I may move them there...with flowers, this time!

  11. megan & whitney - look up stickygram.com...you can have your instagram images turned into magnets! i just ordered some today. nine magnets for $15! i am super excited and thought you might like it.
    ps. this is not spam and i don't work for them or anything like that. :)

  12. Also the spoke of Hollywood, where Hollywood writers seemed to put a gay person on every single sit-com and at least one scene or character in every single movie - stating that wasn't right because there just are not that many gay citizens in our country by proportion. Then they spoke of the ""gay agenda" in our politics in Washington DC, in our entertainment manufacturing, at our college campuses, and claiming that the GLBT crowd was preying on adolescents who are going through their own hormonal awakenings, thus, in a way brainwashing them as they are confused about the changes in their own bodies.

  13. Hey, maybe try crediting those posts! I drew that Disney picture and I'd really love if anyone who enjoyed the picture could find me, like if they wanted to see more art or tell me that they liked it.


    1. Apologies! I will credit you now. It's a great drawing! I no longer do these tumblr style posts.



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