Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wegan Have A Home!!!

Yes, Wegan officially have their first home together!!! Megan had her offer accepted on the house just yesterday :) Is rather surreal/ exciting & scary at the same time haha. 

Still a little while for it to all go through, but very very exciting!  It is near Windsor town, has a garage, south facing garden, two bedrooms, four fire places and even has a cat flap in the garage ;) Oh yes! Can't wait to start decorating Wegan style. but of course still need to get Miss Whitney over here!

I'm sure you're keen to know what it looks like so here's a sneak peak:

Um. Yes, that's a wine fridge. Sold.

If you have any favourite interior websites and DIY blogs please do let us know :) & send us links to anything you'll think we'll love. 

Also, shout out to our super lovely Weganer* Mary who has already been very kind in sending us a house warming gift <3 Thank you so much!!!

In some other great news, we have submitted the evidence for Whitney's visa to our solicitor! So the ball has finally started rolling there again.  One step closer!!

*Weganer: if you're not following us on twitter you may have missed that there is now a term for our dedicated followers. Yes. You have a name!! & we love you all <3

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  1. We love it!!! Looks beautiful girls, its all so exciting!!!


  2. Awww I love Wegan so much. Wegan Manor is the cherry on top of you gals life together! Praying Whit's visa goes through. I support and love you both, not only are you great friends, you're both inspirations. I'm pissed someone beat me to a housewarming gift! ;)

  3. thats soo awesome! congrats!

  4. It looks very nice, congrats and hopefully Whitney will be in the house with you soon! xx

  5. Megan and Whitney, that looks BEAUTIFUL. I actually gasped when I saw those pictures. I'm so excited for you two and can't wait to see more posts about decorating. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations! It looks very cute!:)

  7. I love your blog, and your new place is beautiful!

  8. I love it! Big congrats to you both! xxx

  9. How super exciting! We're really feeling for you as we are just about to enter the final phase of finding new home and moving in! Hope everything goes well- visa and beyond!

  10. Yahoo! How exciting! THe place looks amazing!!!

  11. It looks so beautiful Megan and Whitney!!! I can't wait to come over for a cup of tea and meet you guys later on in the year! xxx


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