Monday, 12 March 2012

What Wegan Did Next: Snow, London & a Blate

Welcome to another, and long over due, update of What Wegan Did Next.  This time I'm re-capping a transition into snow, trips to London and a blate (blogger date) with the girlies over at Sprezzatura.

The week started with celebrating to my offer of a job- woo! (Now in 3 week, still going well- but I don't like this 5 days working only 2 days off thing they have going on...)

It didn't snow this Christmas, but instead it decided to wait until Whitney was in the UK.  We made the most of it, wrapped up looking like idiots ans headed outside for a walk with the family. My father, Whitney & Little Sis had many snowball throwing competitions (who can hit a branch in a tree).. & also snow ball fights. I'm a bit boring and like to stay out of these things- though they did get me a couple of times! lol. Why I Outta...

We decided to take a day out to London and re-visit the usual places.  First stop was to reminisce over where we first met- by these very stairs in the picture by Waterloo.  Where Whitney was waiting at the bottom with her Hawaii friends... and Megan felt like an idiot having to walk down the stairs with them all looking at her haha.

We also went back to All Bar One by Waterloo, as this is the place we went to on our first day of meeting.

We witnessed the most gorgeous sunset over Big Ben.

As you know, we're big fans of Mary Portas- so we of course has to venture to her shop at the House of Fraser on Oxford Road. We love that the mannequins look like her.  

Megan bought a pink shirt which she wore to work last week- woo!

We headed to Soho, home of the gays, and came across an awesome bar Thirst which a great happy hour.  Afterwards we went to a fab Lebanese restaurant Kaslik, it was so small, cosy and authentic.  (When we were leaving the waiter asked if we were sisters & said we have the same face... lol).

Two days later we headed back to London.  We went to Covent Garden, and had a rather British pub lunch at the Punch and Judy (under covent garden).

We met up with Zoe, Whitney's friend from New York.  She studied abroad in France with Zoe prior to heading to London in 2008. Zoe knew all about me before Whit & I had ever met.  Now that she is studying in LOndon we finally met, and I think she found it quite surreal that I'm the girl Whit talked about all those years ago.  We went to an uber cute crepe cafe, Creme de la Crepe, in Covent Garden- twas yummy!!

Afterwards we made our way to Victoria Station where we were meeting Laura & Sarah from Sprezzatura- our first ever blate!! We were very excited to meet these girls, and had no doubt that we would all get on very well. The moment of trying to spot them in a crowd of commuters made us a little nervous.  As soon as we spotted them (well they probably spotted two small blondes first), there was no anxiety and we followed them to our destination.  They informed us they were wondering if we smoked, and for anyone else out there wondering- hell to the no ;)  

Due to Nandos being too busy, we headed for a drink at Browns first and got to chatting. It was nice to be able to match names, voices and faces.  We headed to Nandos, a love of both of ours, where Whitney got my order wrong (again) by ordering my spice levels as medium (I'm a whimp with spice). I would have survived, had I not had peri peri chips as well ah. Anyways, not as funny when typing about it!  We discussed and shared the mix between English & American cultire, dating Americans & British people and tattoos. (As well as other random stuff).

We went back to Browns for another cocktail (Whitney differed with baileys and coffee) and had a jolly good time.  What we thought was confirmed- they are great to hang out with, suuuuper lovely, and we foresee a great friendship.  Plus- they are clearly SOOO in love and it's adorable. Rivalling Wegan ;)

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  1. I loved reading this update!! I follow and adore the Sprezzatura girls as well as the Wegan girls, so I doubly adored reading about the blate!!

  2. Love reading about the blate and such a beautiful Sunset over Big Ben!

  3. Wow, you have been busy! Love the pics of you guys with the sunset over Big Ben-those are probably my favorite I've seen so far!

  4. Yay, an update. Seems like you had a great time. xx

  5. I just wanted to say that you girls are amazing!! Major props on the march publicity of you two!

    I went to high school with you Whitney & I knew you would succeed. You've done very well for yourself-well traveled, educated, you beat the odds & got out of Corbin , you are now published & you got yourself a gorgeous girl! Well you're stunning so would expect nothing less! ;)

    I always had a little crush on you! There was something different about you that was addictive. You had a wonderful personality, & a pure heart of gold(so generous)& you were nice to everyone. Also you were pretty funny & gave great presentations. Wish I could've had just a hint of your confidence. It has served you well as you're on you're way to greater things. You inspired me & you still do. Megan is very lucky to have you & I'm sure she's great & you're lucky too.

    Best of luck to you!!

  6. So, so FUN all around! Always love looking at all your pictures...makes me want to join you on your adventures! Love all the hot pink too! Beautiful London sunset picture! :)

  7. Oh. my. word.

    I'm not exactly sure where to start. Well for starters my name is Jake and my parents bough a car from you, Whitney.

    They both kept going on and on and on and on and ON about this sales woman named Whitney and how amazing she was. I found your card(s) you gave my paretns and did a little bit of investigating whichc lead me to your blog.

    First off, they weren't lying that you are beautiful and so is your fiance. (Not sure they know you are a lesbian-no juding here).

    Secondly, you must know that my dad NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER has bough anything the first place he went to, especially not a car. He is a very big time business man and does a lot of international business as well. So for you to sell him is like insane.

    You left a big impression on my parents and my dad actually said that you are probably the best sales person he has ever met and with a personality like yours-he believes you could do anything and could easily see you owning your own business and/or CEO status. He also said that you were beyond kind and so sweet and made his experience a great one. That is the ultimate complement I must tell you. I am a lawyer who just made partner and he has never complemented me like that.

    I just thought you should know that. He said you were moving to London and now I know why. Just want to wish you all the best and if my parents think so much of you, I am sure you are just as amazing as they say.

    When do you plan on moving? I may need some new wheels and would definitely want to buy them from you.

    Have a great weekend!



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