Sunday, 29 April 2012

What Wegan Wore: Spring Style

What Wegan Wore: Spring Style

Last time we brought you What Wegan Wore it featured Winter Wear... Now as the months have passed we've moved onto the delightful pastel colours of Spring. Wegan are LOVING the pale pink and mint colours that are in right now. Here's a couple of our looks...

Spring Look #1

What Megan Wore

Jeans: T K Maxx
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Top: Pull & Bear
Watch: Bestsey Johnson
Sunglasses: Raybans


What Whitney Wore

Jeans: Express
Top: Pull & Bear
Cardigan: H&M
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Ray-bans
Loafers: Impo

Spring Look #2

What Megan Wore

Jeans:  T K Maxx
Top: Pull & Bear
Sunglasses: Ray-bans
Watch: Bestsey Johnson
Sunglasses: Raybans
Necklace: Next
Shoes: Charloutte Russe


What Whitney Wore

Jeans: Express
Top: Charloutte Russe
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Ray-bans


Matching pink iphone covers from Amazon

What do you think of our Spring wear? Are you loving the pastel colours that are in right now?

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

What Wegan Did Next: Spring in South Carolina

Wegan in South Carolina

As you know I recently hopped on over the pond ( just a 16 hour journey) to go visit my girl for a week as she was recovering from an operation. 

I made my way to America starting nice and early at London Heathrow (got there for 6am). Starbucks was a must.

Due to flying to visit Whitney so much, I am now a gold member of American Airlines. This meant Priority Access to boarding! YAY!

On the way I watched 'We Bought a Zoo'  (LOVED it) and 'A Week With Marilyn'. 

I got super confused when landed in Chicago and it appeared to be by the ocean.. Turns out just a MAHOOSIVE lake!

Normally I get picked up in North Carolina but due to the surgery Whitney could not do the two hour drive. So instead I got to go on this delightful little thing...

But at long last we were reunited!! & boy (or should I say girrllll) it felt SO good!!

Now no surprise, this visit was very different to our usual trips so we didn't get up to much.

We woke up on Easter Sunday to this from her mum, loved it!!! Dancing ducks!! :)

We ventured out the house a couple of times

Spent a few hours at the pool one of the days, ooh it felt good to feel the sun on me again!

We went to the mall one day

We were pretty excited haha.

We looked at engagement rings and decided we want to go for the Vera Wang Love collection at Zales. As it's just so Wegan isn't it?? I am not so much into the bling rings as Whitney (we blame culture) but I do actually really love this ring. & I have crazy small fingers yes...

We went to one of our favoourute stores.. Victoria Secret!! (Can't wait for it to open in London!)

We had a very generous voucher from our Weganer Mary, however being the blondes that we are, only realised we can use it online after trying everything on and bringing it up to the till. HA! We ordered it all online the next day though woot woot :) We'll be beautifully kitted out in Victoria Secret in our Wegan Manor.

We may have also enjoyed a Starbucks.. or two...

Don't you love our matching iphone covers? Whitney ordered them before I arrived and they came in time :)

We went to go see American Pie Reunion.. was pretty funny!

We went for dinner (our only dinner out- say what?!) to a new Japanese restaurant. Whitney LOVED it!! She had sushi that was shrimp, mango, coconut and cream cheese. She had a food orgasm for sure! haha. Very cute. I also had the best sweet tea of the trip there.. yum!!

I love how there's swinging traffic lights.. & a sign for chicken biscuits. Gotta love the South!

That really is the highlights of what we got up to, but mainly we watched TV in bed snuggled up (starting with a cup of coffee), and that's what we love to do best. We got into 'Shahs of Sunset' and 'Million Dollar Listing NY'. Miss doing this with my boo!

Alas as always the week flew by and our time came to an end :( I was driven back to NC and I almost missed my flight eek!! 

Look at the beautiful sunset from Chicago

I was double booked with any lady on my flight from Chicago to London, so I got moved to business class!! Ooh yes. I tried to remain cool with my upgrade, but was secretly like a child in a candy store. EEE. Free champagne, leg room, and lie flat to sleep.. THANKING YOU. Best flight I've ever had, and best sleep ;)

That is the end of our little Wegan trip.. hopefully not long until Whitney is in the UK!!! 

P.s Check out Whitney's new blog post HERE.

P.p.s listen to my sister's NEW original song 'Fighter'. 

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Experiences of Being a Feminine Lesbian

Just a quick post to let you know I have made a video about Femme Visibility, basically combining my Huffington posts and talking about it instead.  Hope that you enjoy! 

Please share :)

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Exciting Announcement!! New Blog!

We are very excited to inform you that Whitney has launched her very own blog entitled 'Good Eat, Drinks & Critiques'. As a result of her great love of food and great eye to detail she has set about critiquing the places she eats and drinks across the globe.

"I was born with an insanely excited & exotic pallet where nothing pleases me more than to have my taste buds explode from delicious goodness."

I'm very proud of my girl and I know she'll do well. (Plus I witness her having literal food orgasms, it's the cutest thing ever and if she hates something I can't stand it or her!)

Please hop on over, follow and share it amongst your peeps!

Whitney's blog & twitter. Go go go! :)

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gay Rights Roundup

Oh yes, this is a looonnng over due post.... You ready for some gay information overload?

Some People Are Gay Get Over It- Seeing Red

Stonewall have been running their slogan 'Some People Are Gay Get Over It' on London buses the passed few weeks, which have caused a bit of media attention, and perhaps a bit of a frenzy. (I saw one whilst picking up Whitney at the airport and shouted out to my dad 'some people are gay bus!!' haha).  This has been a very successful campaign for Stonewall, however, there are of course always haters out there. 

No surprise it is from a religious group Anglicans Mainstream and the Core Issues Trust. In response to the campaign they tried to run the slogan on buses '‘Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and proud! Get over it!’ This very nearly happened until Mayor of London Boris Johnson stepped in to prevent it.  He claims the backlash against Christians as a result of this campaign would have been catastrophic.

Seeing Stonewall everywhere makes me miss the good old days when I worked for them for 3 years whilst living in Cardiff. I am so glad that I got to contribute even a little bit to such an amazing charity that will ultimately succeed one day in changing the minds and heart of those ignorant. 

Speaking of Stonewall and the Mayor they recently had the Mayorl hustings where they got to advocate how they would work for gay rights. You can read more about it here. Personally I'm glad that Brian Paddick is running again, and like him from my days of Criminology (he used to be a top police officer and came out- you should read his book).

If you want to find out more about Stonewall, hop on over to Sprezzatura who blogged about how much they love them!

Straight Men Talking to Straight Men about Men who like Men...

Star of the Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson, is the youngest person to be receiving an award from GLAAD.  He's stated that his mother has always advocated for LGB rights and so he has followed in her foot steps. He is also one of the founders of Straight But Not Narrow, which aims to reach out to the young straight males- where majority of the homophobic bullying derives from. Thumbs up from Wegan!!

Watch these short videos, they're great!

Jessie J.. Who You Are?

Jessie J is in the middle of lesbian rumours despite coming out as bisexual, an unofficial biography is stating that she is in fact a lesbian and was told to be bisexual to be more appealing. Jessie J however had this to say...

"Its funny how many people I've datedslept with that I've never even met according to the tabloids. BUT what's that?! *whispers because its a secret* I'm really a lesbian?! Ha! Thanks for writing yet another boring untrue story. I thought I was still dating Tinie, NO Ellie G, NO Mark Wright....bla bla bla! #cantkeepup #noneofitstrue"

Whilst I would love it if she is in fact a lesbian... I would be more disappointed she lied about being bisexual. It's a kick in the face for both bisexuals and lesbians. 

Don't Say Gay

I blogged about the 'Don't Say Gay' bill in Tennessee a while back and yes it's still happening, it has now gone through the House. If in place it will mean that teachers in middle school cannot discuss homosexuality and gender identity.. if it's not talked about does that make it not exist?... I think not. 

OneMillionMoms on another Homophobic Crusade

Not content with trying to get rid of Ellen Degeneres as the spokesperson for JC Penney, they are now furious over a lesbian kiss in the Urban Outfitters catalogue. They are urging readers to trash copies of it and a boycott. Because OH MY GOSH if they see two women kissing their children might turn into citizens of the world without blind folds.. Shocking.

May 8th

Not only is May 8th a big day for the gay world... it's my 25th birthday!!! Holla!!! ;) It's also the day that North Carolina people will vote on Amendment one- whether or not to ban same sex marriage.. Please don't, and not just because it's my birthday!

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Guest Post: An American Living In Britain- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I'm back in the UK! Yes I know, I can hardly believe it either. Where does the time fly by?? This trip was a very different one to the usual Wegan trips- it was the shortest, and had the least amount of pictures taken- EVER! Do not fear, we still have got some to share with you plus a What Wegan Wore Spring Look. Excited? Whilst away I requested the lovely Sprezzatura girls to do an update for our blog, and then didn't get round to posting it. D'oh! Though as my jet lagged brain and aching heart is recovering, this is a great time to finally post it.  Laura shares with you what it's like being an American in Britain- I love it and it's all SO true.  Take it away Laura!!

Hola, Weganers!!

I’m Laura, from Idaho in the USA, and I blog with my beautiful British girlfriend Sarah over at Sprezzatura! I’ve been living in London for almost 4 years now, and been with Sarah for over 3 of them. While Megan is nursing Whitney back to health in the USA, they asked if we could do a guest post for them, and we were more than happy to oblige!

As Whitney will be moving across the pond to the UK permanently in the next few months, I thought I’d put together a kind of ‘the good, the bad & the ugly’ list of how it is to be an American living in the UK – because as you will have seen from Wegan’s blog, and from our previous guest post about the ‘lost in translation’ elements of being a trans-Atlantic couple (, there are a LOT of changes and things to get used to when you come to ‘old Blighty’!!

What are the best things about moving to England?

Besides Sarah? :)

Would it be wrong to say Cadburys? I know in the states we’ve now technically got it, but trust me, it doesn’t taste nearly as good as Cadburys chocolate here.

Other things you’re going to love? The transport system, and walkability: everything is so close and easy to get to here – and you never have to worry about a designated driver when you are out!

The British sense of humour is second-to-none: with my British/Australian parents, I had quite a sarcastic and dry sense of humour growing up, which a lot of people at home read as ‘bitch’ – but here that mistake never happens! I love how wicked and hilarious British people are with their banter (teasing). I only occasionally take it the wrong way.

I also appreciate how much Brits travel – sometimes they don’t go much further than Spain or France, but because the UK is a tiny island, people are much more likely to get out – everyone I know leaves the country at least once per year. This means they get to experience different cultures, see the sun, try new foods (Whitney & I both really appreciate that one!!) and use their passport pretty much whenever they want! This isn’t new to me, as my parents traveled with me from 6 months of age, but I went to Europe with my choir in my senior year of high school, and over half of my classmates had to apply for their passports in order to go. This shocked me for 2 reasons – a. they had never left the USA (Idaho borders Canada, for god’s sake!!) and b. I didn’t realize that you don’t get passports at birth, and you actually have to apply for them!

What’s the hardest to get used to?

Heating is SO difficult to get used to. Most houses and flats have radiators instead of central heating here, so for the many MANY cold months of the year, when I’m cold I turn on the radiators – they take half an hour to warm up, and when they do, don’t have any effect further than 1 foot away from them… so eventually I just give in and put on my 3rd hoodie and another blanket. At least Sarah is good to snuggle up to…

Also, I really miss American junk food. Yes, England have the Cadburys edge, but I miss Cheetos, Lucky Charms, beef jerky, really obscure things. Luckily, my wonderful mother is back in Idaho sending me occasional survival packages, and we stock up whenever we go home. So a piece of advice: bring along all your favourites, you won’t realize how much you’ll miss them until you are here!! But don’t worry if you forget anything – Brits are cracking onto this market, and you can find your favourites in American candy stores across the country, such as The Stateside Candy Co. in Guildford (not too far away from Windsor). They are overpriced, yes, but if you’re desperate, definitely worth it.

And more than anything, I get homesick. It’s gotten much better over the years away from home, but especially around the holiday season, I miss my parents, my little brother, my friends at home, Christmas in the USA… it hits me out of nowhere – but luckily Sarah is very supportive, and my family is only a Skype call away. Skype is an American in England’s best friend (it’s everyone who is away from home’s best friend, really!).

Is it different working in England as an American?

Yes! I have been the ‘token American’ in every job (and in every group of friends) I’ve had over here. I’m not even sure why, but somehow I seem to laugh louder than everyone else, and I’ve been told my colleagues can ‘always hear the American coming’. Is that a good thing?? (I hope so!) My girlfriend actually didn’t like me when she first met me because I was ‘too American’! But now she loves it. Or so she tells me. She even calls me her ‘ray of sunshine’ in the office!

I love being in a country where you can get probably up to an hour off per day for ‘tea breaks’ – some of my colleagues go for tea every hour, and spend at least 10 minutes making it each time! On my tea breaks, I try to get conversations away from the weather, work, and ‘what you’re up to at the weekend’, which are British fallback subjects; I think people find me a bit odd for that. But there are only so many weather updates I can get during my work day!!

And of course there is the holiday time – we get at least 20 days paid holiday here in England. You may argue that it is because we need it (with the amount of rain and cold we get!), but it’s so nice!! I used to have a hard time deciding what to spend all my holiday on, but I’ve gotten into the British spirit of things, and now plan a good 2 or 3 holidays (oh, sorry Americans, vacations) to different parts of Europe or home each year.

Finally, are there any obscure differences between the USA and the UK that might surprise a first timer?

Typically, a lot of the things I find bizarre about England are food related.

Most restaurants here don’t do free refills. I’ll give you a moment, Americans, to let that sink in. For hardcore Diet Coke addicts like me, that is ludicrous. You only get one drink at dinner (sometimes in a bottle, which is a fancy distraction for the tiny amount of Diet Coke you have in front of you), and if you want more you have to pay for another bottle. I know, it sounds horrible, but over time you learn to ration your bottle and have a cold can or two waiting for you at home. And if this is a must-have, awesome restaurants like Nandos and TGI Fridays (yes, they have that here – I call it the American Embassy!) still do refills. Or, top-ups, as the English seem to call it, much to the amusement of my very-American brother.

^Our appreciation for refills and giant American sodas

We mentioned this in our previous guest post, but the ‘chips’ issue causes no end of confusion here. So, potato chips are ‘crisps’ in England, and fries are ‘chips’. And ‘fries’ sounds a lot like ‘rice’ in my accent, apparently. Why anyone would think I wanted rice with my cheeseburger is completely beyond me, but that mix-up has happened numerous times since I’ve moved here.

And finally, they think of pancakes as a dessert food. I don’t think this is universal (there might be more progressive, morning-pancake-eating English people out there), but when I started dating Sarah, she was ‘appalled’ (yes, that was the exact word) at the thought of pancakes for breakfast. So much sweet, first thing in the morning! Of course, one IHOP visit on our first visit to Idaho together changed her tune – she now is an advocate of pancakes for every meal, but still, an English breakfast is very much savoury.

^Sarah’s first IHOP experience, straight off of 16 hours of traveling to get there!

So there you have it: everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about being an American in England. Whether you’re here to visit, to stay, or if you’re British and just wondering why Americans often walk around with such a confused look on their faces, I hope I’ve given you a little insight into our world. Please come over to visit us at Sprezzatura and stay awhile!

Hope you’re enjoying your time together Megan & Whitney, and can’t wait to meet up with you both again when you are living over here!!

Love, Laura (& Sarah, throwing in her 2 cents next to me on the couch – or should that be 2 pence? :)) xo

Twitter - 

Are you an American living in the UK? 
Do you agree? Anything to add? :)

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Friday, 6 April 2012

High In The Sky + Huffington Article

Hello my lovelies,

As you are reading this I am high in the sky on my way to my girl and I'll either be 1) watching a film 2) reading Mockingjay on my kindle 3) asleep lol. I'll in North Carolina after 3pm (8pm for UK people). I'm then catching a quick flight to SC to save them the drive. So I should be with my girlie as on 6pm (11pm for UK). Please do think of us :) Can't WAIT to see my baby, hug and kiss her.. and of course nurse her well!!

My second article for the Huffington Post has gone live today.  It is entitled 'The Assumption of Heterosexuality When You're a Feminine Lesbian' please go read & let me know your thoghts (& leave a comment on the article too!) Interesting responses so far...

Blog to you next as 'Wegan!'

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Breaking News & What Wegan Did Next: Final Week

Breaking News

I'm off to visit my baby girl on FRIDAY!!! Yes, this friday!!! It is all very last minute, but with getting Friday and Monday off work due to Easter, and a very lovely work colleague swapping her days off at work, I am able to go see my little cutie pie for a week!!! :) She is still in lots of pain so I'm just so happy that I can go out there and take care of her.  Nurse Megan to the rescue! Evidently it is very different from our usual trips, so there will be a great lack of photos or updates from the trip.  Though you know us, I'm sure we'll throw a few in!

It's about time- here is the final instalment of What Wegan Did Next.  Our last week mainly consisted of spending time together, with family and one big lesbian outing to London.

We attended my next door neighbours 75th Birthday party (well he actually now lives in France, who we visited last year).  That is Whitney with my dad and sister Bethany... and also our child.. I mean cat. Next doors cat. Yes, we're crazy! My next door neighbour found out that we're together after we had left and cannot stop sending his congratulations, he nearly cried when he told my mother that. What an adorable and fantastic 75 year old!!

We went to Ayoush, a North African restaurant with my sister's and brother-in-law.  Love the decor of the place!!

We decided to return to London one final time and have a big lesbian meet up.  In fact I think this was the biggest lesbian group we had ever been in! We were joined by Whitney's friend Zoe from America (top left), Laura & Sarah (top right), Megan's best friend Karen and her friend Claire (bottom left... & of course had to have some cocktails!  We had a few drinks at the lesbian bar Candy Bar, and then headed to Pizza Express across the road (2 for 1 on orange Wednesdays, thanking you!)

We also visited my sister's flat with her boyfriend, where Whitney helped Lauren prepare dinner.  They have not long had the flat and they are renovating it, hence the lack of dining table, chairs etc haha.

We squeezed in some more family time by visiting the lovely Jeanie & Steve. (Who we also visit in France, I want to steal all their house decor.. do you think they'd notice??)

Whitney and my little Mothership... aww!

We took a stroll into town and witnessed a gorgeous sunset!

Then the day had come to depart ONCE again.. (How many times have I had to write that.. let alone experience it.. yuck)..

Top right.. most likely an accurate view of our height haha. How tall do you reckon we are? ;)

It is a great feeling to have finished the summary of What Wegan Did Next to know that we are going to be very happily re0united VERY SOON!!

Who's excited???

P.S Say thank you to Starbucks for backing gay marriage.  In response the National Organisation for Marriage has called for a boycott and had 18,000 pledges to do so.  So far, this 'thank you' note to Starbucks has reach 500,000 and counting. We can win this fight!! (As if Wegan didn't need another reason to love Starbucks!)

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