Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Breaking News & What Wegan Did Next: Final Week

Breaking News

I'm off to visit my baby girl on FRIDAY!!! Yes, this friday!!! It is all very last minute, but with getting Friday and Monday off work due to Easter, and a very lovely work colleague swapping her days off at work, I am able to go see my little cutie pie for a week!!! :) She is still in lots of pain so I'm just so happy that I can go out there and take care of her.  Nurse Megan to the rescue! Evidently it is very different from our usual trips, so there will be a great lack of photos or updates from the trip.  Though you know us, I'm sure we'll throw a few in!

It's about time- here is the final instalment of What Wegan Did Next.  Our last week mainly consisted of spending time together, with family and one big lesbian outing to London.

We attended my next door neighbours 75th Birthday party (well he actually now lives in France, who we visited last year).  That is Whitney with my dad and sister Bethany... and also our child.. I mean cat. Next doors cat. Yes, we're crazy! My next door neighbour found out that we're together after we had left and cannot stop sending his congratulations, he nearly cried when he told my mother that. What an adorable and fantastic 75 year old!!

We went to Ayoush, a North African restaurant with my sister's and brother-in-law.  Love the decor of the place!!

We decided to return to London one final time and have a big lesbian meet up.  In fact I think this was the biggest lesbian group we had ever been in! We were joined by Whitney's friend Zoe from America (top left), Laura & Sarah (top right), Megan's best friend Karen and her friend Claire (bottom left... & of course had to have some cocktails!  We had a few drinks at the lesbian bar Candy Bar, and then headed to Pizza Express across the road (2 for 1 on orange Wednesdays, thanking you!)

We also visited my sister's flat with her boyfriend, where Whitney helped Lauren prepare dinner.  They have not long had the flat and they are renovating it, hence the lack of dining table, chairs etc haha.

We squeezed in some more family time by visiting the lovely Jeanie & Steve. (Who we also visit in France, I want to steal all their house decor.. do you think they'd notice??)

Whitney and my little Mothership... aww!

We took a stroll into town and witnessed a gorgeous sunset!

Then the day had come to depart ONCE again.. (How many times have I had to write that.. let alone experience it.. yuck)..

Top right.. most likely an accurate view of our height haha. How tall do you reckon we are? ;)

It is a great feeling to have finished the summary of What Wegan Did Next to know that we are going to be very happily re0united VERY SOON!!

Who's excited???

P.S Say thank you to Starbucks for backing gay marriage.  In response the National Organisation for Marriage has called for a boycott and had 18,000 pledges to do so.  So far, this 'thank you' note to Starbucks has reach 500,000 and counting. We can win this fight!! (As if Wegan didn't need another reason to love Starbucks!)

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  1. Loved the final update! Cannot wait for you two to see each other... looking forward to more WWDN posts! xo

  2. Looks like this will be a Wegan-Easter!Happy Times.
    Have you ever woken from a dream where you think to yourself, "where did that come from?" I had a vivid dream of delivering Wegan's Baby! The odd part of the dream (yeah right, like dreaming of somebody else's baby isn't odd?)I didn't deliver the baby in the Medical sense. I delivered the baby in the Doorbell rings, and somebody dressed in brown, driving a big brown truck, and saying Sign here,Please! sense. Even odd-er?*can't get much* The baby came in a LV case, dressed in VS Pink, and wearing a little fur hat!
    TOLD you it was odd!
    I have to stop drinking Tequila before bedtime!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Megan! Just saw your article in the Huffington Post! Great job! I was intrigued as to what your partner looked like so I jumped over to your blog. You have a very gorgeous girlfriend!!!! You two are the most beautiful couple I've ever seen!!!!! What does Whitney do? I wish you both all the luck in the world. Tho I don't think you need it as the hardest part & luckiest part of life to me is finding your soul mate! You can both check that off list!

    Sara xoxo


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