Thursday, 26 April 2012

What Wegan Did Next: Spring in South Carolina

Wegan in South Carolina

As you know I recently hopped on over the pond ( just a 16 hour journey) to go visit my girl for a week as she was recovering from an operation. 

I made my way to America starting nice and early at London Heathrow (got there for 6am). Starbucks was a must.

Due to flying to visit Whitney so much, I am now a gold member of American Airlines. This meant Priority Access to boarding! YAY!

On the way I watched 'We Bought a Zoo'  (LOVED it) and 'A Week With Marilyn'. 

I got super confused when landed in Chicago and it appeared to be by the ocean.. Turns out just a MAHOOSIVE lake!

Normally I get picked up in North Carolina but due to the surgery Whitney could not do the two hour drive. So instead I got to go on this delightful little thing...

But at long last we were reunited!! & boy (or should I say girrllll) it felt SO good!!

Now no surprise, this visit was very different to our usual trips so we didn't get up to much.

We woke up on Easter Sunday to this from her mum, loved it!!! Dancing ducks!! :)

We ventured out the house a couple of times

Spent a few hours at the pool one of the days, ooh it felt good to feel the sun on me again!

We went to the mall one day

We were pretty excited haha.

We looked at engagement rings and decided we want to go for the Vera Wang Love collection at Zales. As it's just so Wegan isn't it?? I am not so much into the bling rings as Whitney (we blame culture) but I do actually really love this ring. & I have crazy small fingers yes...

We went to one of our favoourute stores.. Victoria Secret!! (Can't wait for it to open in London!)

We had a very generous voucher from our Weganer Mary, however being the blondes that we are, only realised we can use it online after trying everything on and bringing it up to the till. HA! We ordered it all online the next day though woot woot :) We'll be beautifully kitted out in Victoria Secret in our Wegan Manor.

We may have also enjoyed a Starbucks.. or two...

Don't you love our matching iphone covers? Whitney ordered them before I arrived and they came in time :)

We went to go see American Pie Reunion.. was pretty funny!

We went for dinner (our only dinner out- say what?!) to a new Japanese restaurant. Whitney LOVED it!! She had sushi that was shrimp, mango, coconut and cream cheese. She had a food orgasm for sure! haha. Very cute. I also had the best sweet tea of the trip there.. yum!!

I love how there's swinging traffic lights.. & a sign for chicken biscuits. Gotta love the South!

That really is the highlights of what we got up to, but mainly we watched TV in bed snuggled up (starting with a cup of coffee), and that's what we love to do best. We got into 'Shahs of Sunset' and 'Million Dollar Listing NY'. Miss doing this with my boo!

Alas as always the week flew by and our time came to an end :( I was driven back to NC and I almost missed my flight eek!! 

Look at the beautiful sunset from Chicago

I was double booked with any lady on my flight from Chicago to London, so I got moved to business class!! Ooh yes. I tried to remain cool with my upgrade, but was secretly like a child in a candy store. EEE. Free champagne, leg room, and lie flat to sleep.. THANKING YOU. Best flight I've ever had, and best sleep ;)

That is the end of our little Wegan trip.. hopefully not long until Whitney is in the UK!!! 

P.s Check out Whitney's new blog post HERE.

P.p.s listen to my sister's NEW original song 'Fighter'. 

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  1. I've never been upgraded on a flight, but I'm sure I wouldn't mind it happening ;) xx

    1. OOh you MUST try it one day!! M x

  2. I love reading about your adventures together! Looks like you had a very fun time. I absolutely LOVE those rings. You were so right.. they are definitely Wegan! <3

    And my heart melted at your Easter gifts from Whitney's mom. That's too sweet! Never too old for Easter goodies :))

    1. Aww thanks Lauren! :) Glad you love the rings!! Yes was SOOO sweet to receive all that Easter stuff <3

      M x

  3. I am glad you lovely ladies had such a wonderful time! Love the Vera rings and matching phone covers! And no worries... Cori has tiny fingers too :)

  4. aww you guys look like you had a great time!

  5. Since realizing how wonderful and warm LA is, I've never missed home (Chicago). Your post was the first time I ever felt like I wanted to go back. Or maybe it could be my Virgin America flight back home lol. I love how much of a Brit you are, "till". You're so cute, so happy you had the chance to run and take care of Whitney.
    Sending love to you both!


    1. Aw really? I'm sure L.A is such a FAB new experience! Super jealous of the weather lol. Hehe yes a true Brit through & through ;)

      Sending love right back at ya!

      M x

  6. I have crazy small fingers too...size 3 1/2! :) Loved looking at all your pictures from your adventures! Plus, since I went to college and spent 4 years in NC, seeing SC reminds me of it a bit, especially chicken and biscuits! LOL! Lovely! :)


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