Sunday, 29 July 2012

What Wegan Did Next: 1 Month On!

1 Month On: Graduation, Surprise Party & the Olympics!

Time has flown since Whitney moved to England on 25th June, it's nearly August!! At the same time, it's crazy to think it's ONLY been a month!! We have fully moved into our house (though we have barely anything in it) and we're enjoying living together and all that comes with it- even going to our local food store and cooking yummy dinners. We've had some events within the mere few weeks that we thought we'd share.

Firstly, we went to Sarah's (Sprezzatura) surprise birthday party with Lauren & Sarah (2bridesto2mummies). Lauren & Sarah kindly offered to take us to the party in London on their route from Birmingham, so we went and had a yummy moraccan in Windsor first. Also- they brought a very special guest, their gorgeous dog Willow who Megan fell in love with (& she's a crazy cat lady!)

Surprise Party!

JUST as we arrived at Laura & Sarah's place and we were waiting for Laura to let us in.. Sarah turns up EARLY!! So there we all are standing in the car park with Sarah entering all shocked looks that it actually just happened... but still there was the surprise!!! 

We all had a wonderful night celebrating her birthday (which included Sarah trying Pimm's for the first time!..) but the biggest moment was Laura's present to her.. a trip to NEW YORK for New Years eve!!! It was priceless watching her read the book that lead up to the announcement, and we all got a bit teary eyed! (Video to follow)...

Our next big moment was my graduation from my Masters in Equality & Diversity at Cardiff University. Having completed my Msc the year before, it felt very surreal to be going back and wearing a gown! It was lovely to return to Cardiff with Whitney, and it still feels strange when I go back that it's no longer my home. 

(Megan with Dave)
(Lee and Whitney)

We stayed with the lovely boys Lee & Dave (Pettigrew tea shop) and their gorgeous cat Emily (Megan's ideal cat.. crazy cat lady!) We went to Cardiff for a couple of days to catch up with friends, and met for the first time Christine who has also moved over from America to be with her British fiancĂ©! 

(Finally with Dean again)
(Sarah's dream come true!...)

(Sarah & Christine)


The day of graduation came and we were joined by my parents and grandad! Was lovely to have everyone there to support me and rather surreal to think when I first graduated from my degree Whitney & I were soon to meet, and they were were attending my masters graduation engaged!


Then the Olympics finally arrived in London and we watched the opening ceremony round my parents with all my family- and a glass of champagne of course! We all absolutely loved the theme of the ceremony going through London of all the ages. Though the particular favourite moments were the Queen & James Bond, & Mr.Bean. Classic, and hysterical. 

We got up bright & early (6.30 am on a saturday!!) to head to Eton Dorney for the first Olympic Rowing event, this is literally down the road from where we live so we all walked together and skipped queues by doing so. The weather was glorious and the sun was out all day (giving Megan a heat rash and her sister one burnt shoulder lol). 

It was a great day and the atmosphere was fantastic, especially when the GB team was rowing! Was fun to see all the different supporters from around the world as their country went past. Afterwards we had a drink at the pub and a very yummy BBQ at Megan's family. It was great to be able to be a part of the Olympics and have these memories as a couple, certainly once in a life time event!

So all in all it's been a pretty fun filled and eventful month, and it's only the first! Though we truly just enjoy our time doing nothing. There's not much better than having coffee in bed cuddled up watching TV... speaking of that, at the moment our favourite programme to watch together is Restaurant Impossible & we were super happy to get a response from Robert Irvine! YAY!

Amaze balls is clearly an endearing term ;)

Well I think we've bombarded you with more than enough pictures of us for now... 

We'll be bringing you What Wegan Wore soon! Plus the love story of Sarah & Christine, you're not going to want to miss it!

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Off To The Olympics!!!

As luck would have it, Whitney ended up securing a ticket to the Olympic event tomorrow that Megan's father got tickets for last year. So now Wegan are off to the Olympics!!! We are going to see the kick off to the first day of the Rowing in Dorney. Very exciting!!!

Also looking forward to the opening ceremony tonight, who's going to be watching??

Can you believe that Whitney's been here for over a month already?? We will have a proper What Wegan Did Next update coming soon, plus a What Wegan Wore post!

We hope you all have a great weekend!! (& GO TEAM GB!!!.. Sssh.. She didn't hear..)

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

New Video! Wegan in the UK February 2012!

Looooong overdue here is some clips from our last few days when Whitney visited the UK in February 2012. Features Megan's little sister being 'comical', a big lesbian meet up including fellow bloggers Sprezzatura, Wegan in the 'wild' and one of our last dreaded goodbyes!!

We'll be having more recent videos up soon.. Sadly Megan managed to delete all the videos of our first couple of weeks together including Whitney arriving at the airport and to our new home.. Gutted!!! :(

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Take Part! Survey about Attachment Styles and Relationship Satisfaction Among Lesbians

Survey about Attachment Styles and Relationship Satisfaction Among Lesbians

Our friend Sonney (from Hawaii) is doing a survey about us dear lesbians and analysing our attachment and relationship satisfaction. 

Here's Sonney will the details... 

Opportunity to participate in a Research Study available to Females aged 18 and over, who identify as lesbian. 

A Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student’s CRP Project (Dissertation)
“Adult Attachment Styles and Relationship Satisfaction Among Lesbians” 

Dear Reader,
My name is Sonarzu Gullu-McPhee. I am a graduate student at Hawaii School of Professional Psychology (HSPP) at Argosy University, Hawaii. I am conducting a study in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), in Clinical Psychology. 

If you are a female, aged 18 or over, and over, who identify as a lesbian, I would like to invite you to complete a short survey online via SurveyMonkey that includes a demographics questionnaire and two (2) scales that measure attachment styles and relationship satisfaction among lesbians. Prior to participating in the study interested parties must read the informed consent that precedes the survey regarding the study’s purpose, procedure, risks, benefits, and confidentiality.

The entire process should only take approximately 20 MINUTES.

Your participation in this study will advance the growing body of research in the field of clinical psychology. 

Participation is completely voluntary and participants may withdraw from the study at any time without the fear of negative consequences.

If you have any questions concerning the study or would like more information about it, please feel free to contact me by email:
Sonarzu Gullu-McPhee, MS, MA

Whether or not you decide to participate in this study, I would kindly ask you to pass this email to on other females you may know of, who are at least 18 years or over, who identify as lesbian and might be interested in participating. 
If you are interested in this study please use the following link to access the study’s informed consent and survey:

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

What Wegan Did Next: WorldPride London 2012!

WorldPride London 2012!

This year London won the honour to host WorldPride on 7th July. This was the first time of us ever attending a Prode together, and ask Whitney's first time going to London Pride. As she had only ever been to small proves before she had NO clue what the day would be like, and was shocked to see the crazy amount of people that there was! 

As the theme was 'one world' so Whitney embraced her new UK home and we dressed patriotically to coincide with the lovely girls that we were meeting up with: Laura & Sarah from Sprezzatura and Lauren & Sarah from 2 Brides to 2 Mummies. As Megan was still ill we didn't head in early so we missed the procession and met up with the girls at the main prove stage (where Gok Wan was hosting!) On our mission to find the girls amongst the 1000's of gays we stopped by the Stonewall stall where we showed support for their new merchandise (as modelled by Megan below). They are TOTES awesome ;) Go here to buy one!! :) Megan also got to say a quick help to some of the Stonewall people she used to know when working there, including the Cheif Exec Ben Summerskill.

Finally we had found the girls and had a GREAT day! We are very glad that we have found such lovely friends through blogging!

After some time at Pride we decided we needed to refuel and headed to Soho for Pizza Express, where the streets were lined with gays. Definitely felyt like stepping into a gay world, and what a fun one it is! We went and had some cocktails after and enjoyed being in the atmosphere. It was very strange that amongst the 1000's of people there, we still managed to bump into people we know! Including Lizu from the Real L word, and Whit's friend Zoe.

Not only did we have a great day, but we enjoyed being out and proud and celebrating that we are a femme couple in love! We got asked many times if we're a) lesbians and b) sisters even by gay and lesbians themselves haha, so looks like not only do we have to educate the straight world that we exist.. the gay world needs to accept it too!

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