Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our BIG Announcement!!...

We are excited and pleased to officially announce some rather BIG news...

As you know, Whitney and I got engaged in Hawaii on 17 May 2011. 

We have now set a date for our small and intimate Civil Partnership which is taking place... next month!

On 28th September 2012 Wegan will become officially 'civil partners'.

After four years of going long distance we bridged the gaps of geography and are now living the life we always knew we would. 

We both couldn't be any happier and we are so glad that we get to share this with so many of you who have supported us throughout it all, and some of you new followers!

Next month we will be having a small ceremony with a select few who are near and dear to us. Afterwards we will be celebrating with Champagne Afternoon Tea at a GORGEOUS venue- Danesfield House (which you may have seen on our instagrams).

Not content with just celebrating one time.. We are still having our BIG Wedding AKA' Wegging' in 2014. We will of course keep you up to date with all of our plans including looking for venues, dresses etc. This will be a chance for ALL of our family and friends to be there, including some all the way from Hawaii! Most importantly we can be called brides!! (Which you can't have in your civil partnership). We can't wait for the saying "& you may now kiss the bride!" 
We will soon begin planning our Wegging as 2014 will be here before we know it!

Civil Partnership 2012

Wedding 2014

Wegan Forever & Always
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  1. Yay! So, so happy for you both. Can't wait to read all about it.

  2. Congratulations!!! So happy for you both!!! :)

  3. This is awesome news, I am so happy for you ladies!!

  4. EEEEEEKSSS! I've been waiting for this :) Congrats to you both, one of the most beautiful and genuinely perfect couples I know. You make love look easy.

  5. Such great news! The best part of having multiple wedding celebrations is the multiple wedding anniversaries that you get to celebrate! You will love all of it. It is truly the BEST time in the world :)

  6. EEEEE! Congratulations!! So so happy for you both, this just proves if you truely love someone you can defy so so many odds.

  7. Congratulations!! Very happy news :) xx

  8. I couldn't be more happy to hear this news from you girls! It was wonderful to meet you both on London, and obvious that you're so happy to be together here in the UK. I hope you enjoy the first of your big days... And of you're wedding dress doing in London, let me know - my mum has a shop in north London! Congrats again!

    Love Carley and Stacey Xx

  9. Such fabulous news.... Congrts to the both of you. Love from the both of us xxx

  10. Awww congrats sounds soo great!!!

  11. Congrats girls! This is so exciting and I'm happy for you both. :)

  12. How exciting! Congrats! =)

  13. Ladies, am I missing something? What will be different in 2014 that will enable you to call one another brides? Has marriage been approved for then? I haven't heard anything! Please say it has :) x

  14. Congratulations, so happy for you both!! Please keep us updated <3

  15. Congrats ladies!! This is so wonderful for yall.... cant wait to see pics!! :)

  16. Fab news, I am chuffed for you both xx


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