Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Video- What Wegan Did Next September & October 2012

We have finally edited some of our videos from September and October last year, including when we met up with some Canadians, as well as a glimpse into married life.. well.. sort of. 


What's you're favourite part of the video?

"My wheel is bigger than their wheel!"

We have lots more footage to edit, so we'll be bringing more of Wegan life to your screens. We're also going to be recording a video about how we met as we get asked a lot to do it so.. you ask, and we shall do! :) Let us know if there's anything else you want us to film about, and maybe we'll do another Q&A video soon!

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  1. Haha very cute girlies! Whit I defo relate to your cyclist road rage ha! Hopefully see you ladies soon xxx

  2. "My wheel is bigger than their wheel!" LOVE IT!

    WHEEEEEE-gan. ;)

    That was such a cute cute CUTE video!

  3. Hahaha the reality of filming Whitney was too funny! Great video - love seeing you gals! I also pronounced Wegan the way the Canadians do, until I met Megan in NY and she pronounced it Weg-an, so now I say it that way :) My mom though (who reads ya'lls blog and totally knows who you gals are!) still calls you the same as the Canadians!


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