Thursday, 30 January 2014

Come Meet & Greet Wegan, Luclyn & The Roses!

In April we are meeting up with our fab friends Kaelyn & Lucy and Rose & Rosie. They are also fellow Youtubers, so we thought it would be a great idea to have a joint meet up! So if you want to see our faces, or Luclyn or The Roses then please do RSVP to our event!

Where will the meet up be? It will be in London, UK on 26th April 2014. Full venue details and location are still to be worked out.

At the moment we are gathering RSVP's to figure out how many of you lovelies want to actually come meet up. No point us getting a venue too big or too small! We hope to accommodate all of those who wish to meet us.

IMPORTANT UPDATE- WEGANERS! We need donations to help make #ROSWEGLYN happen- Luclyn, Wegan & The Roses Meet Up!   Click to donate or to find out why (we need to fit over 700 of you lovelies somewhere!)

We can't wait to meet all of you and it will be a fantastic day!

Please not that RSVP-ing is not a guaranteed ticket, it is the first step in us planning this amazing day! To register your RSVP either click here, or on the form below.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What DID Wegan Do in 2013?!

Now that we're in the New Year, I thought it is about time we updated you as to what we ACTUALLY did in 2013, as I managed to not blog about a lot of it.. So sorry. Don't hate me! Here's a run through what we got up to from the start (including some actual blog posts, go me!)

Our lives changed forever as Whitney landed her first job in the UK, meaning that for the first time in our relationship, we were both working at the same time!

We celebrated Valentines Day with beautiful meaningful gifts and a trip to London's Ice Bar and Mexican restaurant Wahaca for dinner.

We updated you that there were no plans for our wedding in 2014 as it will be in 2015! Woops but hooray as planning time is finally here! Oh em geeee!

We met up with the lovely girls Kaelyn & Lucy aka our bff's who are also a long distance couple from America & UK.

We also met up with the hilarious and ever-so-in-love couple that is Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie!

Megan gave you an update post about hand, 'Handy'.

We did this is 2012 but we finally blogged all about our Civil Partnership!

We even did a Spring What Wegan Wore post!

Megan turned 26 years old! (hello crows feet!)

We went back to America aka 'MUUURICA for 2 weeks, which was amazing!

Whitney turned 25 years old! My family and I went all out with an American theme & Southern style food!

We said goodbye to DOMA in America, HELLO to gay marriage in the UK and ALOHA to gay marriage in Hawaii! Awesome!!

We went to London Pride, which was awesome!

I posted a bunch of random pics to update you as to what we had been up to.. how nice of me!

We attended my cousins wedding at the end of July- Congratulations to Alice & Kev!

We attended another cousins wedding at the end of August- Congratulations to Alex & Lisa!

We brought home our beautiful first born, Kisses the Kitten!

We met up with the talented singing duo Bria and Chrissy!

We went on an amazing family holiday to Crete, Greece and stayed in the most stunning villa!

We had our 1st Anniversary as Wife & Wife! I forgot to blog about it but we had the most wonderful day. We went back to Danesfield House, where we had our Civil Partnership reception, followed by dinner at Gilbeys in Eton. It was just a truly lovely day, which lots of champagne!

28th September 2012
28th September 2013

We also celebrated our 5 year anniversary!

We launched Wegan Merch, you can buy it here and we personally send your order!
We celebrated Halloween... very drunkenly with Whitney's work colleagues.. woops!

We hosted our first ever Thanksgiving, and it was a success!

We celebrated Christmas and New Years with Whitney's mother & Megan's family.

It truly was a fantastic year, we are so grateful for the wonderful life that we live together, and look forward to the year to come! We'll be hanging out with some peeps you may recognise- Lucy & Kaelyn and Rose & Rosie in April, PLUS we'll be doing a meet & greet with them! It's going to be too fun to handle! We'll also be finally saying Alohaaaa to Hawaii in August as we return for a friends wedding! Other than that, it's wedding planning for 2015!

What are your cherished moments of 2013 and what are you looking forward to in 2014?

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Megan- Introducing You to my Hand.. Via Video!

If you've been a follower of our blog for a while, you may be aware of my hand aka Handy posts, back in 2011 and 2013. Following on from these posts and wanting to be more brave and open about my disability, I have filmed a video about Handy... and uploaded it onto Youtube! Holy moses! I just decided to go for it! Once I had edited it I was still rather nervous to put it up online, but funnily enough I feel more nervous about those who know me seeing it, rather than those who do not know me in person. I uploaded it on Saturday and I'm so far very glad that I have done so, not only did it help just by talking about it all out loud but it also feels good to have it out there publicly, and not not feel that I have to hide and edit it out as much as I normally do.
If you're interested to find out more about my disability and how it has affected me, then please watch below. It's bit of a ramble but hey- I've never talked about it before so why not get it all out!

I've been overwhelmed by all the amazing, super lovely and positive responses. Just wow! I really didn't expect to receive so many (& so far no hate- yay!) I'm speechless really and I could never put into words how much it means to me, but for all of you who have commented/ tweeted/ emailed me anything nice about it- from the bottom of my heart (and Handys!) a sincere thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2014!!

Wow, can't believe that a whole year of living together has flown by. This is the first full year of not being long distance, it is officially a thing of the past! Looking back on our blog post last New Years Eve it's crazy to think we had still been doing long distance just earlier that year, and had finally secured Whitney's visa!

It's funny to look at the list of what we hoped to achieve in 2013, let's have a look to see what we did and didn't do shall we!
  • Biggest aim for 2013 is for Whitney to find a job in the UK! - Check! Whitney secured her first UK job in Feb 2013.
  • We want to get a cat.. ok Megan does, and Whitney is allowing it :p Only if it's a kitten! - Check! As you know we have a beautiful kitten named Kisses, who we both dearly love!
  • We want to get fit, make use of our gym membership and drop the love pounds we have gained! - Check! Sort of.. we used it a lot and got into a great routine... then we'd get out of the routine.. then we'd get back n it.. then out of it.. and so forth!
  • We want to get more organised with our lives. - Yes, no, maybe, not sure!
  • We both want to work on blogging more and make use of any opportunity that comes our way. - Sadly no, looking at the number of blog posts we managed to blog only 52 blogs posts, half of the amount that we did in 2012! That's what happens when you conquer long distance, work full time and live together! I still love to blog and want to catch up with all we've been up to and to continue with the posts, as well as our youtube!
  • We're working on something that we hope will help the lesbian community and if all goes to plan, it will launch in 2013! - Nope, we started working on this and then decided that it is not the right time for us to do this. We still hope to one day!
  • Biggest part to 2013 will be planning the 'Wegging', our big wedding day for 2014! Nope- this got postponed as our wedding will be in 2015!

So what does 2014 hold in store for Wegan?

  • Wedding planning for 2015!
  • Megan starts her new job in HR full time, and we both want to keep moving forward with our careers.
  • Back to getting fit and using our gym membership.
  • We want to start saving our pennies, in order to be able to enjoy the year fully and make it to Hawaii in August for Whitney's friends wedding!! & I think we might need some pennies for our wedding- EEK!

We're not sure what else 2014 has in store for us, but at least we know it will be side by side and with our adorable little Kisses.

What does 2014 have in store for you? Comment below & let us know!

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