Monday, 20 October 2014

#FemmeCoupleProblems - Are You Sisters?!

This is a topic we've wanted to film about for a long time and we're so glad that we finally did! Let us know if you like our new series on our Youtube Channel #femmecoupleproblems & what else you would like to see us discuss.   


Comment if you've ever been asked if you're sisters... with your gf/ wife!! How do you respond??

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  1. We get asked this all the time… on vacations, at the store, etc. We look nothing alike, just both have brown hair. You be the judge, Instagram: queeniequip. One of us has brown eyes, the other: blue. One of us is 5'4", the other: 5'9". We just don't get it!

  2. Yaay for femme visibility! I'm also a femme who's been stopped at the entrance to the Candy Bar ("Do you know what kind of bar this is?"). It is so important to be out and proud, but it can get tiresome having to 'educate' people again and again and again- why some folks need to know the details of perfect strangers' connection to each other is beyond me ;-o Good on you both for being so gracious about it, love your work!


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