Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Happy 27th Birthday Whitney!!

Today is Whitney's 27th Birthday!! 


I can't believe that you're already 27. We met when you were 20!! You still look like you're nearer 20, than 30!

Looking forward to celebrating with you today (we both have the day off) with a brunch, picnic and then a BBQ with the family planned! & then continuing our celebrations on Saturday with a night in London.

We've gone through so much over the last few years, it's crazy to think that when you turned 24 you were still in America & we were still long distance! (Join me in reminiscing here). I look forward to seeing where life takes us with you by my side!

 I love you, M xxx
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  1. Happy 27th Birthday Whitney!!!!!!
    You girls are amazing rolemodels, I read your blog since 2013 and love seeing another lipstick lesbian couple.


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