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Welcome to our new look!!

Don't get us wrong- we loved our previous blog design, but after having it for a couple of years we were on the hunt for a new look.

Old look:

We stumbled across Pipdig design whilst helping Design by LaRose look for a blog design. Immediately I spotted this pink theme and knew it was perfect for our blog!! (We helped them pick out a fab template as well!) Getting the new design uploaded really was easy, and also very affordable, so we definitely recommend using Pipdig if you're setting up a blog or fancying a re-vamp.

We're loving our new snazzy yet feminine look. What are your thoughts? Hope you prefer the new look! Comment & let us know!
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1 comment

  1. Love the new blog design, very sleek. Also love your story and blog. I don't remember how I stumbled on it, I think I read the whole thing over a few hours one day while I had a hangover and was fed up, and was cheered up a whole lot. Your story is just filled with so much joy and the lengths you went to be together is beautiful.
    I'm straight and though I have lots of LGBT friends I'm not a part of the community, but it just really inspires me to see the changes happening all over the West and the understanding that everybody deserves to have the same rights. I sobbed when I watched the documentary 'The Case Against 8', as it's not only a wonderful thing for gay people to be able to marry but it's wonderful for humanity to be evolving and becoming more loving and tolerant (I don't like the word tolerant, but it's a good step). Your blog is part of that wave of pride and freedom and everything good about humanity. Hope to read many more lovely love filled blogs from you both in future xx Lucy
    (Maybe you'll get two comments as one vanished after I wrote it)


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