1 Day!!!!

Yes, that's right! It is merely ONE day until Wegan are reunited. I can't believe how quick this week has flown by??

Thanks for all of you who have been so supportive, happy & excited for us. We <3 you all!

Here's another video from our SC days, where we made a trip to Charleston!

Look out for the photobooth replay haha

My last post about Cynthia Nixon received a range of comments, from agreeing to disagreeing. Of course, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I know what I said about her partner is a low blow, I'm well aware that it's really a catty remark.  I'm sorry, it's just one that I could not resist. Shake your head at me or slap me on my wrist lol. We're all human, and we all fall down somewhere. I'm by no means perfect and do not pretend to be. So please do not be disappointed in me. I believe in equality & diversity and clearly I'm a great advocate for it.  I'm sure Cynthia's woman is a fantastic lady and they love each other muchly.  My point wasn't about her girlfriend though, it's about Cynthia undermining a lot of gay rights arguments. Yes of course, if  she feels it's a choice who is anyone to say it isn't. The problem is with her being one of few lesbian celebrities out, it just pushes the fight for equality and recognition further back.  If you don't care for gay rights then fair enough, but I do.

"And finally, she's right.  It shouldn't matter if it's a choice.  But wake up, Mary.  Lots of things in life shouldn't matter, and they do.  The entire reason we have to have a civil rights movement is because it shouldn't matter but it does.  Words matter too."

To read more of an incensed gay blogger click here.

Here's a lovey dovey photo for y'all

Here's also what happened in a follow up interview... Apparently nobody likes bisexuals... Thoughts now?
KS: You’ve been very vocal and political about marriage equality and helped lead the successful fight for it in New York. So congratulations on your own marriage. But before you met and fell in love over seven years ago now with Christine—who, through a sperm donor,  gave birth to your son Max Ellington almost a year ago—you were in a 15-year relationship with Danny Mozes, whom you first met in high school. You had two children with him—Samantha, who is now 15, and Charles Ezekiel, who is 9. You’ve been quoted as saying about these two relationships in your life: “In terms of sexual orientation, I don’t really feel I’ve changed … I’ve been with men all my life and I’d never fallen in love with a woman. But when I did, it didn’t seem so strange. I’m just a woman in love with another woman.” I’m a bit confused. Were you a lesbian in a heterosexual relationship? Or are you now a heterosexual in a lesbian relationship? That quote seemed like you were fudging a bit.
CN: It’s so not fudging. It’s so not. I think for gay people who feel 100 percent gay, it doesn’t make any sense. And for straight people who feel 100 percent straight, it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t pull out the “bisexual” word because nobody likes the bisexuals. Everybody likes to dump on the bisexuals.
KS: But it is the “B” in LGBT.
CN: I know. But we get no respect. 
KS: You just said “we,” so you must self-identify as one.
CN: I just don’t like to pull out that word. But I do completely feel that when I was in relationships with men, I was in love and in lust with those men. And then I met Christine and I fell in love and lust with her. I am completely the same person and I was not walking around in some kind of fog. I just responded to the people in front of me the way I truly felt.

Further, one of our 'disappointed' commenter's submitted this Autostraddle article in which it discusses whether saying 'I was born this way' is to apologise for being this way and that we would change it if we could. UM. No. Yes I believe I am born this way. Would I change it if I could, take the imaginary straight pill? Heck no!! & it saddens me when gay people feel they would change if they would. What anti-gay people need to realise is that we cannot be cured. We are who we are, and we're damn proud of it.

Anyhooooo... enough of that. 

Are you lesbian/bisexual and living in South Wales? 

& well ideally, not tone deaf. Then please join the new South Wales Women's Gay Choir. 
Their Tumblr & Twitter. Go spread the word!!

By the way, did I mention I get to see this beautiful face TOMORROW?? AHHHH!!! :D

She's nearly at the airport and will be flying into the sky in a mere two hours!!

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