Wegan Off To AMERICA!!


Yes, that's right, Wegan's feet are leaving UK soil together and landing in the U-S-of-AAAA!!! Yay! It's been just over a year since Megan went back, and nearly a year for Whitney (her longest time away. Ever) we are heading back to the Good ol' South! (Sorry Hawaii- we miss you SOOOO much). We're looking forward to catching up with Whitney's friends and family... as well as Taco Bell / Sweet Tea/ Cracker Barrel/ Good Stabucks Coffee.. to name a few! We'll be getting a good tour of the South by visiting South Carolina, Kentucky & Tennessee! So if you see a blonde couple running around- come say hiiiiii y'all!!

Enjoying tasty American Starbucks!
Check out our previous blog posts about our previous trips to SC!

Wegan in SC 2011!
Also, check out Kaelyn & Lucy's wonderful video of their recent time together featuring our faces! You'll get to see Wegan Manor, Wegan & Luclyn drunk on champagne, Whitney informing you of how to say 'MEEERICA & professing the change that married life has brought.

We also filmed the Girlfriend Test (as tagged by Kaelyn & Lucy). We test each other 5 questions to see who knows the most about their other half... Who wins??


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