megan and whitney bacon-evans issue judicial review for fertility equality

We can finally let you all know what has been going on behind the scenes for many, many months this year. This has been so hard not to tell you all but it’s probably the most important thing we’ve possibly ever done. As you all know, we were shocked & devastated to discover the discrimination that lesbian couples, bisexual women and individuals with wombs face in starting their family. 

When we embarked on our baby journey in 2020, we really didn’t know what that would look like. How do we even begin to start to create our family as a lesbian couple? The great lack of information meant that we really were stumbling around in the dark, and we were shocked to discover discrimination in place in 2020.

We presumed that as we are legally a married couple, that as a family we would also be viewed as equal in the eyes of the law; but that appears sadly not to be the case. LGBTQ+ couples are not entitled to the same access to fertility treatment as cis heterosexual couples. Hearing all of the experiences and discrimination that our community had been facing left us wanting to create change. In November 2020 we launched a fertility equality petition asking for the government to do a review of the fertility sector. 

One year later we have instructed the top UK law firm Leigh Day, with barristers Jude Bunting and Marlena Valles, to represent us to take action against our CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Group) discriminatory policies which prevent us from having equal access to fertility treatment. We've issued a judicial review, which means it is in the public interest, and it will be a landmark test case.