Sunday, 23 November 2014

Megan's Award = The Best Weekend Ever!! Part 2

Following on from our great start to the weekend in Cardiff, where Whitney's visa was granted (WOO!!) we then  had a mad dash back to Windsor on the Sunday to go to the Ultimate Planet Awards in London. You may recall a blog post a few weeks back asking for votes as Megan had been nominated as Lesbian Role Model of the Year (!!!) The awards ceremony just so happened to coincide with our weekend in London so we decided to be wild (for Wegan) and do both. It involved a somewhat tired and hungover Megan & Whitney racing against the time trying to get back and get beautified for the awards. We ended up arriving 1 hour & a half late (oops), but it was a miracle we made it at all!! Luckily the organisers moved my category back. Of course I didn't know who had won at this point but it would be a shame to miss out on finding out either way!
We just so happened to arrive during the interval and I was informed my category was the first one up after the break - eek!! I quickly drank a cosmo with grey goose vodka for the nerves. Meanwhile we got to finally meet the lovely Denise from My Lesbian Radio, who we've been in touch with for years but never managed to yet meet up. We also had a quick chat with Jane, Editor of Diva Magazine, and the interval was over before we knew it. 

Having not seen any of the other awards (Diva had already won, woo!) I didn't know what the format was- where did you go stand?? Were they giving speeches or just saying thanks?!! I didn't have much time to even think about it. Radio Producer Kathy Caton was presenting the Arts & Culture section and before I knew it they announced I was the winner of the Lesbian Role Model of the Year!! WOW! In shock (and with help to the cosmo) I strolled up on stage and somehow managed to give a thank you speech. Whitney was SO excited when they announced my name, that she clapped like a proud mother & shut the recording camera in excitement (haha). I managed to mouth to her to switch it back on as I went to collect my award. Unfortunately Whitney has not got great filming skills, or a steady hand, so you can watch it in our vlog from the awards, or alternatively there is a better version in the Ultimate Planet Awards video
I truly am so thankful and humble to have won this award. It means so much to me as its for the very reason of the lack of lesbian role models that I started putting our faces out there. To be recognised as a lesbian role model is just a feeling I will never forget! I'm also so thankful to have such a supportive wife, who lets me use her face in my drive for femme visibility!


After the awards it was time to get mingling, there was an amazing eclectic mix of wonderful women at the event. 

We finally got to meet the lesbian author Kiki Archer, who we had been in contact with via email about a film she is making based on her book "But she is my student". Kiki is such a hilarious and charasmatic person, we're so glad to have met her. She's the only lesbian we've met that has had children the way we plan to - each partner had 1 child using the same sperm, and they have a beautiful boy & girl. We'll definitely be seeking advice from Kiki in a few years time!! Baby Weganers!! ** Come back in a couple of days for a chance to win Kiki's books!! **
The After Party then begun and we had a great time chatting to so many different lesbians, such as Cindy, the Director of L Fest. Each year she puts on a great festival for lesbians.. but think of glamping and indoor music.. no mud!! Apparently there's even hair straighteners. We're sold!! They also go to Spain too!! Anyone else thinking UK version of Dinah Shore?? Awesome!
We also finally met the blogger Effi Mai, who to my surprise informed me the reason she started feeling ok to be femme and gay, and in deciding to blog was because of our blog!! Thanks Effi!! :) She's hilarious.. and loves tequila. She runs a lesbian night with DJ Sandra D (who used to run Candy Bar, she was on Candy Bar Girls).. so go check them out too!
Overall, Katie & Naomi put on a great night that really highlighted there is so much that is done on the lesbian scene, from theatre and comedy nights, to festivals, community work and all in between. Proud to be apart of it all and to realise how much there is outside of the Youtube world!

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Monday, 17 November 2014

World Prematurity Day

Today it's ‪#‎WorldPrematurityDay‬ today! If you weren't aware, I was born 12 weeks premature & I'm lucky to be alive today. However there are many born premature that sadly don't survive. Premature birth is the leading death of newborns. Many lost lives could be prevented. Join us in creating awareness!

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Whitney's Visa = The Best Weekend Ever!! Part 1

 We definitely just had one of our most memorable and best weekends ever! In fact we've had a very crazy week of many joyful times. As discussed in our last blog post, Whitney had her 'Life in the UK' test coming up, which thankfully she passed!! Well done baby! This meant we could go onto apply for her 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' visa. 

This involved heading to Cardiff on the Friday (31 October) after work, as we decided to go back for the weekend than have to deal with the crazy busy immigration office in London. Since leaving Cardiff in 2011 and Whitney moving over in 2012, we haven't been back to Cardiff much and we really miss it - it was my home for 6 years and majority of our long distance! We loved being back and have no idea why we don't do it more often, so we've decided to make sure we take more trips to Cardiff.

Normally we stay with friends in Cardiff but we decided to have a hotel experience this time. We stayed at the Radisson Blu and definitely recommend it. The staff were great, our bed was super comfy, the bathrooms are awesome and the breakfast is great! Definitely opt in for B&B if you ever get the chance to stay there. Whitney wanted to steal their copper lighting.. Anyways, back to the visa!

Whitney's appointment was at 10am on the Saturday, and we had all our evidence and visa in such beautiful order thanks to our wonderful solicitor we've used for the last 3 visas! (Rees Wood Terry, based in Cardiff if you're ever looking for immigration help). With the 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' visa you have 2 options - you submit it via post and wait 6 months, whilst they retain your passports... or you pay extra for the premium service, where you have a face-to-face appointment and you find out the decision the same day! We opted for the premium service as it would be torture waiting half a year, plus we're heading to America for Christmas! I was feeling quite nervous that morning, though I know we had nothing to worry about but the thought of my wife's life in the UK and our lives together as a family was in one persons hands is just a bit daunting!!
Boy are we glad we opted for the premium service!! The staff were all really nice and within just over an hour of arriving there we were called up to the counter - we thought they had some questions for us but instead we heard the great words of "your visa has been successful!!" Whitney exclaimed out loud in joy (in a very quiet office haha) and I sat there in shock with tears. We had done it! We no longer have to worry, Whitney can stay in the UK and by my side for good. 

Time to celebrate!!

We had a great rest of a weekend in Cardiff, which involved a bit of retail therapy, as well as bumping into some lovely followers who live in Cardiff. Thanks for coming to say hi girls, it means so much to us to meet you!

 Later that day we also caught up with some good friends - a coffee at our beloved Coffee #1 (with a couple of welsh cakes) with Dean, followed by celebratory cocktails with Lee & Dave. We had a wonderful time catching up over a cocktail, discussing wedding plans (theirs next year!!) and even got to watch some of Cardiff's fireworks.

I've mentioned Lee & Dave's tea shop in Cardiff before and it's just so amazing to go back each year to see how great they're doing. They're honestly the loveliest guys ever with the loveliest tea shop - be sure to stop by Pettigrew Tea Rooms if you're ever in Cardiff and say Wegan sent you ;)

Later that eve we rushed back to the hotel, opened a bottle of Veuve de Clique that we had driven with us to Cardiff and squeezed it in their mini fridge! We made a toast to Whitney's visa and I gave Whitney another card I had been saving until later (I gave her a 'Congats' one earlier) - which made her cry, aww!

After a couple of glasses of champagne it was time to head to our celebratory dinner at Park Plaza. It was rather strange being there with my wife as I had been there on a couple of Christmas work do's when I worked in Cardiff and we were still long distance! We had a wonderful dinner (Whitney had a steak and I had pasta) and a glass of our fav red wine, Malbec. At this point we clearly should have stopped drinking, but we continued in the bar at Park Plaza- oops! A lovely couple who we met at #ROSWEGLYN live in Cardiff so we invited them to join us for a drink. It was nice to get to know "followers"... though we follow them back anyways ;) At this point of the night it was hard to get a good group pic but check them out on their instagrams (@beckyates @kasiaelstone) or youtube, they're a "lush" couple (as they would say.. lush doesn't mean a drunk FYI haha).

We ended the night with a drink at Pulse, the gay bar I used to frequent weekly and Whitney had been in there many times with me. Sadly this time it didn't feel the same at all- not sure if we're too old, grown out of it, or it's just got bad. I'm glad it's still there for LGBT people in Cardiff but it didn't have the same vibe. I also got told by a drunk guy that they'd never seen anyone have a drink with their pinky sticking out in Pulse.. well you can take the girl out of Windsor.. haha. (But was I really doing that?! Maybe I just seemed too sober).

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Cardiff- there is SO much going on, so many people, SO many shops and restaurants.. and there's even Auntie Annes pretzel stand! (Yes we had pretzels & yes they tasted just like America!) We'll definitely be returning soon!...

Sunday morning came, followed by a much-needed cooked breakfast at Radisson Blu and on the road we headed back to Windsor, but London was calling our name to head straight to the Ultimate Planet awards! As mentioned in a previous blog post, I (Megan) was honoured to be nominated as 'LBQ Role Model' of the year for the Ultimate Planet Awards!! To hear all about the awards, stay tuned for our next post!

Meanwhile, please raise a glass & join us in a toast... Cheers!


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