We recently blogged about our first week in the South when we visited back in May, so how about you find out what we did for the rest of our time?

For the second half of our trip we headed to Myrtle Beach to soak up the sun and enjoy some quality time with Whitney's mother. We stayed right by the beach, we loved it! But who wouldn't!!




I had my first visit to the Melting Pot, courtesy of a voucher they sent due to Whitney's review of the restaurant. I loved the french kiss martini and the cheese, but of course the chocolate at the end was ahhh-ma-zing!!


We just so happened to be down at Mytle Beach as Bike Week was happening.. at first I expected to see lots of cyclists.. oh how I was wrong...!! Haha. We even spotted Harleys Angels!

We consumed a lot more food, and I even tried fried courgettes/ zucchini's!! 

We had a very tasty meal at Toscana, a highly rated Italian Restaurant in Myrtle beach, we recommend it if you're ever in the area. I just love eggplant parmesan!!


We visited the cutest ice cream stand that attracted all walks of life, I was so busy wanting to get a picture of my ice cream that it ended up dripping down my hand and all over me.. a southern lady laughed her head off at me!!


Look at this handsome boy after he had a hair cut...

We made sure to stock up at Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works whilst we had the chance! The sales assistant at B&BW loved our accents and thought Whitney was English! As did many others!

We had a mini impromptu What Wegan Wore photoshoot..

We had our nails done Southern style at a local nail salon, who loves the Chanel design we had?!


We even spotted Aegi in the sky!!

Before departing South Carolina, we squeezed in some sunbathing by the pool.. of course!

Before we knew it, time was running out. We ended up extending our stay by a day due it being bank holiday back in the UK which meant we had the monday off work! We had a last dinner out with Whitney's mom and her friends. We got SO stuffed we literally looked 5 months pregnant! Worth it though!

Then it was time to say our goodbyes... we absolutely did not want to leave and love living the American life!!

One last sweet tea...

 Our first stop was to New York and we had a bumpy start. The plane had to turn around as the wheels would not go back up... needless to say on the next flight, we calmed ourselves down...


 Then before we knew it, we were back in the UK, reunited with my family and back to our life in the UK! Until next time America..

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