On 16th October 2015, we hosted the official Find Femmes launch party at Muse Soho! It was a wonderful fun femme fabulous night; with decor by Design by Larose, fab cocktails by Muse, guest DJ trans-activist Munroe Bergdof and many lovely femme ladies coming together and having a good time! You guys, we even had an Instagram Printer! #lovesit

It was great to see so many femmes come together and friendships clearly happening! While we are running a dating site, a big reason behind Find Femmes is to also find that femme community. #femmeships

What Wegan Wore:


Check out #FindFemmesLaunch on Instagram to see all the fabulous pictures that were posted on the night. Official pictures from the night shall be posted soon but for now, here's a few highlights from the Instagram printer:

We even had cute mini-cupcakes, made by Bailey Ana.

Here's a few more of our Instagram snaps:

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a fab night!

We also gave away goody bags that included Find Femmes branded goodies and Nanshy makeup brushes! We especially loved our gold foiled personalised mint and pink matchboxes made by Barrett Prints!

You can win a goody bag! Enter: Join Find Femmes, DM @findfemmes on Twitter or email with a screenshot of your profile, & RT on Twitter / re-post on Instagram

If you haven't already, please follow Find Femmes on Instagram & Twitter @FindFemmes, and like the page on Facebook. We appreciate all of your support!

Check out our video from the launch:

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