For those of you joining us who don't know, we got married last year in the fabulous city of Palm Springs, California on 28th September 2017.  This day also marked our 6 year Civil Partnership Anniversary as well. (We love our anniversaries and decided to keep the same date for ease but also significance!) We decided to visit somewhere completely new for our anniversary and as we only had a few days to do so, we decided to take a short trip to Vienna, Austria!

How To Get There:

We flew via Austrian Airlines, thanks to Vienna Tourism for sponsoring our flights. We love getting to fly from London Heathrow as it's only 20 minutes from our home in Windsor. The flight is super
quick (just over a couple of hours) so before you know it, you're there. 

Once at the airport the easiest way to get into the city centre is to take the City Express train (runs every half an hour and takes 16 minutes). The underground from their is easy to use and navigate. Otherwise there are taxi's to get but will cost at least 50 euros.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

We had such a lovely anniversary.  It is truly a beautiful city and there is something there for everyone from the arts (classical and modern), to history, architecture and even to preserving and paying homage such a classical era as it is the birth place of Mozart. Last but certainly not least, we found it to be so incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly. 

We instantly felt a since of security and acceptance from their traffic light symbols that were introduced in May 2015 just before they were hosting Eurovision Song Contest. They decided to keep them as they ended up being so popular! You'll find three different couples are shown on selected pedestrian traffic lights – straight, gay male and lesbian couples. Super cute!

There are also gay bars, restaurants and cafe's and Naschmarkt is probably the closest thing Vienna has to a gay quarter.  Close to the famous Museums Quarter, it is a busy fresh fruit and vegetable market with several gay bars and cafes located nearby, including the well-known Café Savoy. We explored these with our super lovely tour guide Niki, who specialises in LGBTQ+ culture in Vienna. We highly recommend him and he's only bookable by word of mouth (or through Vienna Tourism board) so get in touch if you want to hire him. 

Where to Stay:
We stayed at the very quirky and unique 25 Hours Hotel, which was very central and within walking distance to all the main attractions as we were located in the MuseumsQuartier. It also has a fab rooftop bar that had great views, especially when the sun sets!

What To Do:

The city is amazing for walking as everything is so close and definitely within walking distance. If you don't feel like walking you can of course opt for the underground, which we found to be super clean compared to London's underground and quick to get to most places. 

There is so much history in Vienna with grand buildings alongside the more modern Museums Quartier, with modern museums such as the Leopold and Mumok and cute cafe's. 

As mentioned, we had a private tour with a lovely guy called Nikki. It's a great way to see the city. He is so sweet and very knowledgable of the history of Vienna as well as current hotspots, the latest news and hidden gems. 

Where To Eat:

1500 Food Makers: Located at 25 Hours Hotel is 1500 Food Makers.  After we arrived at the hotel we just wanted a quick bite to eat and ended up being pleasantly surprised at how amazing ther pizza's are! We also both enjoyed tasty local beers. 

Das Loft: We had the most incredible and romantic dinner at Das Loft located at the S/O Vienna Hotel. We were treated to a four course meal alongside wine pairing for each course from the sommelier. The food was so delicious, the cocktails were fabulous and the views (both of Vienna and each other of course) were stunning. They accommodated Megan being vegetarian and Whitney being pescetarian and we were greeted with champagne to celebrate our anniversary. It's the small things that make a difference to an LGBTQ+ couple that shows the restaurant/ hotel embraces who you are. Highly recommend even for a drink and the view!

Motto: Motto is a super popular and trendy restaurant and bar that is well known amongst the LGBTQ+ community but welcomes everyone. A high clientele from celebs, to politicians, and even nuns and priests have visited Motto. The door is hidden and it has a triangle symbol at the top. There is a part of the bar that you can still smoke in, and despite the door in between, the smell of smoke is high when you enter. There is also a wonderful garden outside that's great in the summer. We had a sneak peek and it looks very 'Wegan' so we'll have to come back in warmer days. 

There is also Motto Am Fluss (owned under the same empire) which we've heard is great and we'd love to check it out next time, just don't get confused and turn up to the wrong place!

There are of course many places to get traditional Viennese food, we hear the Wiener Schnitzel at Glacis Beisl is a must (and they have vegetarian options too). 

Wedding Anniversary Gift:

Did you know that the 1st wedding anniversary gift is paper? So how perfect that we have the map of where we had our wedding in Palm Springs, thanks to Mapiful. We can't wait to frame it and put it in Wegan Manor. Get 10% off your with code: whatwegandidnext10. Let us know what you get!

Before we knew it, it was time to leave and head back to our fur babies and Whitney's mom who was visiting and looking after Kisses & 'Nalo. Just enough time to rest before our next trip!...

Get to see everything in action, & more, by watching our Vienna vlog!

*Thanks so much to Vienna Tourism Board for sponsoring our trip. Views and opinions are our own. 

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