Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! 

We can't believe that it is already this time of the year, crazy how fast time is flying by! Unfortunately us Brits do not get the day off to celebrate Thanksgiving, or the next day to recover. Really, I Think all Americans (+ British relatives) should get the days off to truly celebrate ;) I really do feel for Whitney moving to a country that does not celebrate a wonderful day she has celebrated her whole life. Maybe next year we;ll get the day off, but it's not like everyone else will have it off also! I just wish there was at least a Cracker Barrel we could go to to have Thanksgiving dinner!
This year, we are attempting to have Thanksgiving at Wegan Manor on Saturday.. yes.. lord help us all! Instead of stuffing our faces today with Thanksgiving food, we spent the evening shopping for it! We're not quite sure how to tackle the TURKEY yet... I don't think a vegetarian should cook it unless I want my family to die (Whitney can't deal with raw meat either). So I think we may be dropping the Turkey off to Motherships oven ;)
Ocado the supermarket has very kindly sent us a hamper of Thanksgiving treats, so we are very thankful for that in enabling us to get our hands on some true American necessities for the day... Now if only there was a chef that came with the hamper... Thanks Ocado! #ocadaothanksgiving
Hopefully over the years we will evolve the Thanksgiving tradition and mix it with the British culture. It's a day to give thanks and we are so very grateful for the love that we have found in each other, the fact that we have conquered long distance, have a roof over our head and even have a beautiful fur baby as well! Megan has also recently got a new job (within the same company) and is changing career paths into HR, so hooray! Thankful that my Masters in Equality and Diversity can finally be of use!

What are you thankful for this year?

Now... it's time to start getting all the Christmas Decorations out! Not long until Whitney's mother arrives on Xmas Eve, we can't wait! See what we got up to last Xmas with Whitney's mum. 
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