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We survived four long years of doing LONG distance between Hawaii and the UK! Needless to say we learnt a lot along the way, and below you will find some posts giving advice about long distance. If you learn anything from us, it's that long distance relationships can and do work!
We hope these posts from over the years offer some wisdom to doing long distance, or just to validate how you feel. Let us know if there's a topic you wish for us to cover!
Featured on Huffington Post:

Megan's article: Long-Distance Loving: Does It Work?
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    1. Hi! I have a question. I met also somebody via internet and I need few tips. Is it possible that we talk by google hangout? It is really important for me. I plan a surprise maybe you can help me? Greetings from Hamburg! Stephanie

  2. its amazingly funny how i stumbled across your blog in the huffington post. i guess the internet knew exactly what i was looking for. i truly do look up to you guys because i find myself in the same situation you guys were once in. my name is tiffany and im currently in a long distance relationship with my sweetheart keanna. i stay in greenwood, south carolina and keanna stays in hayes, london, united kingdom. yes just like any other long distance relationship we met online via facebook. i was just getting over a bad relationship & dealing with life's situations of just getting out of prison for a stupid mistake i made 2 years ago in my youth. i didnt want to date anymore & life just didnt seem worth it because of my past dictating my present, but from the moment we started talking i instantly knew i had to have her. so we made it officially girlfriend and girlfriend oct. 13, 2012. we make 3 strong months this jan.13, 2013. alot of people tell me were too young to be doing this because im 20 and shes 17 so theres a 3 year difference. they say that because shes already confessed to me that she knew i would be the girl she wants to marry. and i can truly say the same about her.but then again most people of course wouldnt understand or wouldnt even try to. we havent met in person yet but we video chat as much as we can because of time difference (she falls asleep before i do) and text everyday. we couldnt even go a day without talking to each other even if we tried (and believe me we have!). her birthday is april 18 (a day before my mother's) and i already know i wont be able to see her then due to the fact im on probation. by the grace of God i hope to see her this summer because i plan on pushing my notion for early release off probation for good behavior in May. she doesnt have money like that, and is still deciding on going back to school and she said shes going to start looking for a job, so she cant come see me just yet. and she has terrible OCD so its a little difficult. i have a mild case of bipolarism which doesnt cause much problems like her OCD does and i also have PTSD. i work and go to school now, so im going to try and make that first attempt in seeing her asap. the hardest thing about LDR is not being able to do the things (cuddle, kiss, hold hands, etc.) like regular couples do who live like 5 minutes from each other. seeing your pictures, reading the stories just gave me soooo much hope. this is a different thing for me because ive never been in a relationship THIS far in distance before. but i always said if you can find true love a million miles away then ill be more than willing to travel that distant journey just to be with that person. i see how hard it was for you two to be together, and i have done some research of my own about moving there or her moving to the U.S.and getting married because she said shes always wanted to move here and being that the U.S. is still finding its way in recognizing same-sex laws they have not yet recognized it in immigration laws. our best bet i see is to move to CANADA! lol. is there any advice and i mean ANY you could give to help us?especially with civil partnership as a same-sex couple. just your experiences alone helps, like i said i am a little young so all this, traveling, immigration, etc. is very new to me and her both and my family is not too much understanding except my brother. hes actually helping me plan the trip to see her and is coming with me! i would love to hear from you soon and i hope that ill be able to share my story with you soon too if all things go according to plan. thank you so much, you ladies are beautiful together.

    your newest biggest fan!

    p.s. im not sure if were allowed to give emails but this is like my best way in contacting you so if you ever get up to the chance, please dont hesitate to email me or find me on facebook.
    email: gr8trhedati5nm3@gmail.com
    facebook: teejay bringittoya jones

    thank you,

  3. Hi guys, my girlfriend and i, well my fiancee now lived long distance admittedly not different time zones like you guys. we have now lived together for 8 months after doing the long distance for 2 years. you have made me really regret not documenting our relationship like you guys have . she was studying at university in exeter to be a midwife and we had to wait until she qualified to start our relationship she struggled to get a job for 9 months and moved back home which was 180 miles from me eventually she got a job and we moved into together. we have never looked back and are hoping to get married in a couple of years . You guys really are an inspiration. you really opitimisethe meaning of fighting for love. with all of the hassle of the Visa applications, I found a great quote that i think applies to everyone including myself who had to deal with a long distance relationship my girlfriend and i are happier than we have ever been and we are engaged. anyway the quote i found is 'You had to be willing to fight in order for a love story to last a life time'. xxx
    thanks guys
    Gem x

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