In honour of LGBT Pride we have a created a Limited Edition 'Femme' top! We're super in love with the design (cut out shoulders and longer at the back) and of course love the gold metallic shine!

Get yours ASAP in time for Pride, and in light of the devastating shootings in Orlando of LGBT people, we will be donating 15% of profit to the victims and families. (Find out more info here)

We're also super proud to launch our #Pride2016 range where 50% of profit will be donated to the Orlando shootings victims and families.  Get them here. You can select womens fit or unisex (baggier).

** Please note we can only display the price is dollars but yes we ship WORLD-WIDE! :) Posted from the UK. **

What happened in the Pulse club, Orlando has sent devastation around the world. and certainly into our hearts. It has personally made us sick to the stomach and it's hard to stop the tears as more and more details emerge. However what is clear is that we stand united as a community. Love wins, always.

Stay strong. Stay proud. Stay you.

We love you.

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