Nice to see you, to see you Nice!!

A last minute work trip for Whitney resulted in me luckily tagging along for a few days relaxing in the beautiful Nice (pronounced 'niece'). Due to start work on Monday, we hopped on a plane early (very early) Sunday morning to spend a day relaxing an exploring Nice. 
I've been to France, and of course Paris, many times, but Nice has a whole different feel to it. There are palm trees after palm trees, which I absolutely adore! We stayed at the Hotel Mercure March Aux Fleurs and it is literally opposite the beach, in Old Town Nice- which appears to be the best area to be!

We headed straight to the beach to catch some glorious sun as we waited until we could check into our hotel.

The best gelato place in Nice, is Fenocchio!! I had cinnamon flavour & Whitney had almond. YUM!! We later returned and I had a cappuccino flavour and Whit enjoyed amaretto. NOM!

We had the most amazing lunch at La Favola! There are SO many Italian restaurants in Nice, so it's much easier being a vegetarian here. We ordered foccacia with tomato, mozzarella and bail. NOM! Such good value for money as well. Only 13.5 Euros!

In the evening we shared a bottle of red at a wine bar.

Sadly the clouds & rain came, so we had to buy an umbrella stat as we searched for where we wanted to go for dinner.

The next day we had coffee and croissants and headed to the beach once more.

The beaches in Nice are covered in pebbles, which we did attempt to lie on at first- it's not comfortable as I'm sure you can imagine! We came across a volley ball court set up on the beach, where they had imported sand. Luckily the sand also went around the court, so we decided to lie on the sand. Genius! 

We came across a gay beach/ bar at the end of the Promenade des Anglaus- Castel!

Oh Haaaiiii!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Mojito Royal- with champagne. Yes please!

We took opportunity of the fact we're only 30 minutes or so from Monte Carlo, Monaco so we hopped on a tram and a bus (only 1.50 euros each one way) and enjoyed the scenic route of the coast on the way. We got off at the casino and enjoyed the luxurious feel to Monte Carlo. I felt like its a scene from James Bond.


We love ourselves an Espresso Martini!

& of course, a glass of champagne!


Whitney had to work the rest of the time so I had quite a lot of time to myself, which was unusual! I spent it purely relaxing- sunbathing on the beach, reading my Kindle, enjoying lunch at the roof top bar and perhaps another cocktail or two.

We enjoyed our last meal at a restaurant a local had recommended to us called Attimi. It's an organic Italian restaurant, where they even make their dough with Evian water! I tried the "attimi" pizza, which has melted cheese in-between the layers!

Sadly it was time to say au revoir before we knew it. We were perked up slightly by the Moet Ice Imperial bar at the airport... Merci, Nice!

What Wegan Recommend:

La Favola, in the Old Town.
Attimi, Old Town.
Fenocchio, Old Town.
Monte Carlo
Hotel Mercure March Aux Fleurs 
(Our only issue is their free wifi, it's connected to Orange and you have to keep logging in with your surname, first name & email address practically every 5 minutes, don't let your phone lock!)
Ultimately we highly recommend a holiday in Nice, we want to go back already!!

Psst. Keep an eye on our Youtube for a vlog from our trip over the next few weeks!

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