Two weeks turned into two months together... however time has flown by and now we are departing tomorrow...

NoooOooOoOoOoOooooOooOo :( :( :(

It doesn't seem real at the moment. More so for me. My brain will not take it in that I'm leaving Whitney tomorrow. It's in lala land haha. Wake up brain! We spend 24/7 together. We are each others ultimate best friends, lovers, other half and soul mates. Being torn apart is just well... not fair! We are going to miss each other so much. Back to long distance calls, whats app messaging, photos of what we're up to and of course skyping. No more sleeping side by side, holding hands, forehead kisses, sipping on starbucks together and snuggling up to a movie. :(

However we know we can get through this, like all the times before. & there are many other long distance couples out there. As a long distance couple we have pretty much spent half a year together this year! We've probably seen each other more than a married couple living together does lol. Plus there are couples like our dearest Melina and Sebastian who haven't seen each other for months, and won't until next year. So our heart goes out to them, they are very strong!

This is going to be the last push for Wegan long distance. We both have to work really hard and hopefully Whitney will be over within three months or so. Keep your fingers & everything crossed people!!

We'll be departing at midday tomorrow (30th). So please think of us :) <3

In other news, we are featured on two great blogs today. Check out our post on Lacey in the City & Only A Flight Away.

Tumblr Tuesday

We really want to find a Chanel t-shirt with the C's logo on it. Anyone know where to get one?

Whit is a Gemini & Megan is a Taurus. What sign are you?

Who's watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight? OH YES!

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