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whitney and megan, two brides, say yes to the dress

"are you the girls from Say Yes To The Dress?"

We often get asked, especially on TikTok, "are you the girls from Say Yes To The Dress?" and yes, yes we are! It's been 2 years since our second SYTTD episode aired and it surprises us by how many people have seen our episode(s)!

whitney and megan, two brides, say yes to the dress

We also get asked where to watch our SYTTD episodes, so here you go lovelies!

Our first SYTTD Episode:

'The Jet Setters Show'

In this episode we try on wedding dress for the first time. Do we say yes to the dress?

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Our second SYTTD Episode:

In this episode we go in for our fittings and tears flow (for all the wrong reasons!) Spoiler alert - the ep ends with our wedding!

We can't locate the full episode to watch (if anyone knows which one it is, please do let us know) but you can watch some clips below from SYTTD:

Watch our Dress Journey Vlog here with SYTTD Behind The Scenes:

Watch our wedding video here.

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