Happy NYE Y'all!!

Can you believe that 2012 is drawing to an end and that we are soon welcoming in 2013? This year has completely flown by, so much has happened for both of us together and individually. Can you believe Whitney has been living in the UK for half a year already?? As it's the last day of 2012, we thought we'd look back at where we were, we are and where we're going.

Where We Were

Last NYE was spent apart, with Megan and her family in Cornwall and Whitney with her family in the USA. 

We were still doing long distance, and there was not yet an end date in sight.

Megan did not have a job. Whitney was working in South Carolina.

Megan was living with her parents and looking for a house. Whitney was staying with her mum in SC.

2012 had a lot of hope pinned on it... and it did not disappoint!

Where We Are

I touched upon the crazy year we have had in an earlier post in November, but to recap:

Our long distance continued into the first half of 2012, with Whitney visiting the UK in January- Feb, and Megan going to SC in April.

Megan finally got a job, while Whit was still working and saving for the move to the UK...

Megan bought a house (Wegan manor!) and Mya the Mini.

Big news #1 of 2012, Whitney was granted her visa to move to the UK in June! YAY!

Megan graduated from Cardiff University with her Masters in Equality & Diversity.

We travelled to Paris in early 2012, and also Portugal in September with the family.

Big News #2, we had our small Civil Partnership on 28th September 2012! Mrs & Mrs Wegan ♥

Megan started learning to drive, and passed her driving test in October. YAY!

5th October marked our four years of being together.

Big News #3, Whitney received the final part to her visa- the right to work and reside in the UK!! Big yay! Good riddance to Long Distance after four years!!

We had our first xmas together in Wegan Manor, and we are spending NYE together in the UK! This time we get to welcome in the New Year side by side, and with a kiss of course!

Where We're Going

After such a BIG year of moving, getting a Civil Partnership and a house.. what can 2013 hold?

Biggest aim for 2013 is for Whitney to find a job in the UK!

We want to get a cat.. ok Megan does, and Whitney is allowing it :p Only if it's a kitten! 

We want to get fit, make use of our gym membership and drop the love pounds we have gained! 

We want to get more organised with our lives.

We both want to work on blogging more and make use of any opportunity that comes our way.

We're working on something that we hope will help the lesbian community and if all goes to plan, it will launch in 2013!

Biggest part to 2013 will be planning the 'Wegging', our big wedding day for 2014!

We don't expect 2013 to be as eventful but we're just looking forward to seeing a whole year together, getting to be there on each other's birthdays and waking up next to each other without having to ever say goodbye.

To see a round up of our year in 2012, visit our Wegan 2012 photo album on our Facebok page.

What did 2012 do for you? & what does 2013 have in store??

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