Friday, 24 October 2014

Whitney's Next Visa - AGAIN!

Yep. Here we go again. You're thinking "but Whitney's already got her visa?!" Correct! However her visa was granted for 2 years after our Civil Partnership. she now has to apply for 'Indefinite leave to remain' in the UK. Which means once granted, she can stay here FOREVERRR. it doesn't grant her British citizenship / dual citizenship though.. she can apply for that in 1 years time if she wants to. So this is our 4th visa that have applied for in order for us to live together. 

Not only do we have to apply for a visa and gather lots of evidence (mainly to demonstrate that we've been living together the last 2 years) but Whitney has to take the 'Life in the UK' test. TOMORROW. Oh my gawddd!! We are so nervous! You HAVE to pass in order to apply for the visa (which we've already paid for). 
There is literally no time for her to fail and re-sit, because next weekend on 1st November we are off to Cardiff for her visa appointment! We had to pay extra for a face to face appointment that gets you an answer that day, otherwise you have to wait SIX MONTHS & they hold your passports for that time. No thanks. 
So if you're British I bet you're wondering if even you would pass the 'Life in the UK' test.. & I bet you the answer is .. NO. I've been testing Whitney and I hardly know the answers! Here's a mock test online and you can download apps that do mock tests. I just did one and failed. You need 75% to pass, which means you need to get 18/ 24 correct! Download it & give it a go- let us know how you did?!
Pretty please think of us tomorrow & have everything cross as it's a big hurdle we have to pass. 

GO BABY GO!!! You can do it!! 

I love you so much for having to go through all this so that we can continue as wife and wife, and as a family with our little Kisses!
Want to re-live our visa process? Read here, herehere, here, here, here... & lastly here's some visa advice for y'all! Bit out-dated as we wrote it in 2013 and will look at updating when we can. Good luck to anyone else going through the same process!!
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Monday, 20 October 2014

#FemmeCoupleProblems - Are You Sisters?!

This is a topic we've wanted to film about for a long time and we're so glad that we finally did! Let us know if you like our new series on our Youtube Channel #femmecoupleproblems & what else you would like to see us discuss.   


Comment if you've ever been asked if you're sisters... with your gf/ wife!! How do you respond??

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Nominated as LGB Role Model- Please Vote!

I'm very proud to announce that I have been nominated as LGB role model of the year for the Ultimate Planet Awards. Planet London is a lesbian lifestyle website dedicated to providing the ultimate guide for lesbiand in London. 
I'm so honoured to have been nominated, and if you'd be so kind to vote for me, please click here to do so.
We're also rooting for our friends Diva Magazine, Daatch, Jo Webber and Lesbian Lounge.
You can also buy tickets to attend the awards and / or the after party! We're in Cardiff the weekend of the awards for Whitney's visa appointment and don't know yet if we can make it back in time for the event :( boo! However keep an eye out for any updates if we're going and we'd love to say hi :)
p.s Happy National Coming Out Day!
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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Our 2014 Anniversaries!

We recently celebrated a couple of anniversaries- because you know us, we don't just stick with the one!

Somehow 2 years has flown by since our Civil Partnership in 2012, so we had a lovely 2 year anniversary. As we've recently spent a lot on Whitney's next visa ('indefinite leave to remain') we thought that was a big enough present in itself (!) so we didn't do presents this year. However, I did sneakily wait for her outside work with a pink and white rose bouquet- the colours of the flowers at our CP! She loved the surprise, and funnily enough she was about to head over the same florist to try and sneakily get me a little bouquet! I won!! ;)

Our anniversary wasn't technically until the Sunday, but we decided to go for dinner on the Saturday (so that we could enjoy lots of champagne without work the next day). 

On the saturday, we decided to randomly go to Coworth Park in the afternoon for a celebratory drink... as well as a little nose around as it has always been high on the list for a wedding venue; we just hadn't managed to look around yet. We certainly weren't disappointed- we love the copious wild flowers and old feel to the manor house, but when you walk inside it is completely tastefully modernised. We love it! (and yes we will be booking a proper showing.. eee!) We had a glass of champagne (also love that Veuve Clicquot is their 'house' champagne!) and decided on a cheese platter to nibble on as dinner wasn't too far away. 

After a lovely afternoon at Coworth we headed home and popped open a bottle of rose Moet, which we had the morning of our Civil Partnership.  A glass or 2 later, it was time to head out for dinner.

We went back to where we celebrated our 1st CP anniversary at Gilbeys in Eton. We love the conservatory part to the restaurant, and they do great quality English food. We had a yummy starter and mains, though Whitney's steak was sadly a bit too tough (but I know nothing about steaks...). All in all, it was a lovely evening.

Onto the Sunday- the actual date of our anniversary! We had a lie in with coffee and croissants in bed- our fav. Our heads were feeling fine as a result of drinking good champagne, taken us a few years to realise that! We headed back to Danesfield House, where we celebrated after our CP. It was beautiful as ever, and we explored further in the grounds than we had before. We decided to have champagne afternoon tea (clearly we can never get enough)... and reminisced about our "big-little" day.

All in all we had an absolutely wonderful weekend of celebrating our 2 year anniversary, that not only signifies our love for one another but the ending of long distance and our lives now lived together.

& do you know what?... We had another anniversary! 5th October 2014 marked 6 years since we officially became an item. This was us 6 years ago on a night out in Cardiff, and the next day we became official. Look how young we look!! Haha.

We didn't overly celebrate this day, we decided to finally open a bottle of Moet that we had bought in Hawaii and transferred it from one hotel, to another.. to finally back home as we just didn't fancy it amongst the Hawaiian beers we were loving! We therefore had mimosas in the morning, and had another glass in the afternoon...

We decided to be really romantic and clean the house.. Whitney even re-arranged and made a 'bar' in our kitchen which she is very happy about.. ah.. married life!

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