If you haven't heard, we made a pretty big announcement recently!...
For years we've been working full time (with successful careers) while also keeping up with running our blog, youtube & social media accounts (to the best of our ability & time). Eventually something had to give....
Therefore, we quit our jobs!
Yup. Our last day of working for someone else ended on 18 August 2017. We have taken the decision to take a risk and work for ourselves. We don't know if this will pay off but we're willing to, at least, give it a go! 
Furthermore, we've decided to go travelling around USA for 3 months. We'll be heading off Stateside on Friday 01 September - 29 November and our itinerary is as follows:
1. California for September (with our wedding in Palm Springs!)
2. Hawaii for October. (First week on Oahu with Megan's parents, then our honeymoon in Maui, then back to Oahu).
3. Las Vegas at the end of October for a few nights. (BRITNEY SPEARS!!)
4. Kentucky for November (Thanksgiving with Whitney's family! As well as visiting Tennessee and Georgia!)
In short - we get to spend 2 months in the hot sun then head into Whitney's fav season (the fall aka autumn) and we'll be back in the UK for Winter. 

Why take the risk?!
We made the decision to do this last year. Whitney was feeling homesick for America, and as she's lived in the UK for over 5 years, it's only fair she gets a taste of America again.  We didn't want to squeeze our Palm Springs wedding & honeymoon into 2/ 3 weeks annual leave, so instead decided it'd be the perfect opportunity to spend time in America. (We can only go for 3 months as that's the max Megan can stay as a visitor.) Plus, we'll be wanting to settle down & have kids soon!...
Originally we thought we'd take a 'career break' and head back into our jobs. However we decided to not have a plan when we return (we know there's loads of jobs out there) and focus on all of our 'outside of work' projects. #BossBabes fingers crossed! It was not an easy decision to leave the company I had been at (& loved) for over 5 years, but it ultimatly felt like the right decision. 
One of the hardest parts is leaving our gorgeous cat Kisses but don't worry - Kisses (& Wegan Manor) is being looked after by amazing cat people! (Though we're sooo sad to be leaving her behind, we know she's in great hands!)
We've spent the last few days going through everything we've accumulated over the last 5 years (and that has not been a fun task, I'll tell you that!) Plus trying to pack for THREE months between two femmes is near impossible. We don't know exactly what the future holds, but as long as we have each other, we know we're going to be more than alright!
"Home is wherever I'm with you".
Keep up-to-date with our travels via our instagram accounts (@meganfromwegan & @wbacon11) & Twitter (@whatwegandid). We'll also be trying our best to upload weekly vlogs & blog posts from our travels (though this may get delayed with our wedding & honeymoon!...) 
Watch our announcement video to find out more!...

p.s can you believe our wedding is in less than 1 month?! Soon to be officially wife & wife! Mrs & Mrs Bacon- Evans.
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