Ah, it seems like a tradition of ours to wish you Happy New Year on WWDN when it's February! Haha. Woops!

So lets re-cap on what we hoped 2016 would bring...
  • Continue focusing on building the success of Find Femmes: Our dating site has continued to grow over 2016, with fab LGBTQ women joining every day! We even went to spread the word and had a great time at Dinah Shore! We celebrated our 1 year since we launched and we also won an honorary award.
  • Megan to successfully complete her CIPD qualification! Yup! (and she achieved a distinction in Employment Law... #justsaying)
  • Make more time for blogs, vlogs, videos...  Umm.... that's a no? Studying a qualification took a hit in that but we still tried to upload as much of our lives as possible; Hawaii, Dinah Shore, Sisters Hen Do, Camping trip, wedding announcement, North Carolina, anniversaries, pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving... didn't do too bad ;)
  • Travel more: Hawaii, LA, Bahama's will do nicely... YUP we actually managed to go to Hawaii, LA, Palm Springs, Lisbon, North Carolina... and back to South Carolina for Xmas. PHEW.
  • Plan our 2017 wedding!!! Yes. For real this time! #wegging2017 YES WE DID IT! & we didn't even know it'd be in USA. Let alone Palm Springs! But we're so excited!
  • Be bridesmaids to Megan's sister and see Lauren get married to Harry!! (and attend a hen do!) That all sure did happen, we attended TWO hen dos and saw them say 'I Do'!
  • Celebrate Megan's mum's 60th and Whitney's mum's 50th. We threw Megan's mum a surprise party and we flew out to Outer Banks for Whit's moms birthday!
  • Oh hello gym. Nice to see you again. 
     Umm.. we didn't see you much. Sorry!
  • Whitney to obtain dual citizenship! Nope, not yet...
  • 2016 may bring a very exciting project into our lives, but we can't discuss that yet! Sorry! Keep everything crossed for us. 
     We filmed for a BBC TV show with Anne Robinson... still waiting for it to air! *sigh*

Here's a few more highlights from 2016...
  • We met the amazing couple that were also featured in the BBC Civil Partnership news article, Roger and Percy.
  • We attended Moet Party Day.
  • We met Rachel Shelley (!)
  • We were featured in DIVA's top 100 Power List.
  • Featured in Calum Mcswiggan's Gay Love at Christmas video.
  • We spent the last few days of 2016 in the South, visiting Whitney's family.
What does 2017 hold for Wegan?
  • Getting married!! 28th September 2017, Palm Springs, California baby!
  • Saying hiiiii to the gym to lose some love pounds for our love day!
  • We have a super exciting secret project we'll be working on and hope to be able to announce soon.
  • We have TV shows airing on major networks, so waiting for those to go live! Eek!
  • Whitney is applying for dual citizenship!
  • Megan to celebrate her 30th Birthday!
  • Hope to travel to Italy and around California... as well as our honeymoon in Hawaii!
  • To continue to update you on our lives via blog post and videos as much as we can.. but to not put too much pressure on ourselves. 
  • Megan to post more/ show more about 'Handy'.
P.s We're nominated for 'Rising Star' at the DIVA awards, so fingers crossed! (You can vote for us here)
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