Friday, 30 March 2012

Get Well Baby!!

This isn't something that we haven't made public much yet, but my darling Whitney had an operation earlier on this week.  I know you'll immediately want to ask why but it's something that is on a need to know basis.  All you need to know is that she is ok! We've had some scares with her in A&E (ER) recently though. And that's pretty much the worst feeling ever for me to wake up at 6am my time to see a picture from her of an IV drip in her arm and lots of messages and miss calls (damn you silent setting).

It pained me so much to not be there when Whitney went for her operation (couldn't leave work) and it continues to break my heart that she is in severe pain every day :( :( :( She will be once she has fully recovered.  I wish could be there to nurse her! Hopefully she will recover in 2- 3 weeks, and be in time with the visa. Time will tell.

Please send her some love & get well wishes!

I love you baby- get better soon!! xxx

Flowers I sent her after she had been to A&E

Balloon in a Box package for after her op. How cute is the little bear? hehe.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

What Wegan Did Next: Valentines Day in Paris!


It is finally time to update you as to what we got up to when we gallivanted off to Paris to celebeate our first Valentines Day together.

When I booked tickets, I luckily got a deal where tickets to sit in the superior carriages were slightly less than starnard. Thanking you! We got given breakfast on the way, and Whitney was in LOVE with the bread (she LOVES food.. & you'll find out more about that in something new coming from Whitney.. ooh intrigued?) 

Anyways I digress.  Our hotel was in Monmarte, near Sacre Couer.  We got a deal on last minute for a 4* secret hotel. (Though I easily guessed it via Google). The room was very nice and the red theme was very suitable for our Valentines Day trip. (Little did we know we had somehow been put in an upgraded room without being asked, so we disputed this when it came to check out and got it for free.)

As we had got there before midday, we headed out to do some exploring in Paris. Our first stop was to visit Sacre Coeur as I had never been to it before. It took us a little while to locate it despite being so close!

It was a bit of a hike but the views are amazing, as is Sacre Coeur itself.

We then moved on to find a place to experience our first French food of the trip... We stumbled across the cutuest little restaurant, and how Wegan is it?!

We enjoyed French onion soup (delicious), and omelette and of course, a nutella crepe. YUM.

We took a stroll down Champs Elysees where we visited Whitney's favourite store- Louis Vuitton! we were informed that it is the second biggest Louis Vuitton in the world and of course, it was the first Louis Vuitton store to open.  Whitney restrained herself and came away with a Louis Vuitton tour guide of Paris, to go with her LV London tour guide that she has.

Our next destination was to visit Wegan's favourite monument- the Eiffel Tower.  No matter how matter times we see it (this was our 3rd trip to Paris), it is still exquisitely stunning and breathtaking. 

The Eiffel Tower is even more beautiful at night. I could look at it forever.

On our route home we came across the Moulin Rouge- it was literally down the road from us. Unfortunately  it's a bit of a dodgy area with lots of sex shops.  We had one man come up to us to sell us weed and then wouldn't leave us alone.. Whitney told him where to go but we got a bit freaked out.

After a long day out it was definitely time for bed- we crashed out!

The next day was Valentines Day!!! <3

We woke up and shared our cards in bed... yeah Megan got Whitney 3. (One had sparklers, one came with a 3d heart and so really the one with the Eiffel tower on is the PROPER card!.. See my thinking?)

We continued the tour of Paris by venturing to the Louvre first.

We then went to see Pont Des Arts for the first time which is a bridge where people have started to add padlocks to symbolise their love. We will definitely add to it when we return next time! Definitely makes you feel like you are in the city of lurve. Though what surprised us was the lack of obvious romanticism on Valentines Day. Not sure what we were expecting but just seemed like an ordinary day. But it wasn't- it was the day to celebrate LOVE!

Being the gays that we are, we went to the gay district of Paris- Le Marias.  We went to a super cute cafe where we had yummy coffee and macaroons! (Though Whitney enviously watched another couple eating croissants dipped in hot chocolate...)

We tried to find the gay bars/ cafes we had come across before.. we but couldn't. So we entered into a cool looking bar called 'Who'.  We ordered mimosa's and enjoyed the ambience.  As we were getting our coats to leave, one of the waiters came up to us with free cocktails due to being a couple in love on Valentines Day- Aw! <3

Due to being a vegetarian there was difficulty in finding a restaurant for us to have Valentines Day dinner.. they all had set meals of meat and had no alternative for that night.  So instead we reurned to where we stayed in 2008- La Bastille, and went to Planet Sushi.  In 2008 this was Megan's first time tasting sushi! Whitney loves sushi and so was very happy to return.  Again, we crashed that night- why is exploring SO exhausting??

We took a trip to Versailles the next day to visit Marie Antoinette's estate- now she's a girl after our own heart (& was into ladies too!)  When we got there we tried to buy tickets and were confused why they were saying we didn't have time to visit her estate as it closed in an hour and a half.. Until we realised it's a half an hour walk from the palace to her estate! WOOPS! We decided to fast march and go to it anyway as we had gone all that way.  We were rather amused when the woman asked Whitney if she wanted a tour guide in RUSSIAN... haha. It's the hat ;)

That night we had decided to celebrate Valentines Day dinner and chose to go to a place listed in Louis buittons book and only 15 minutes away. However when we got there we were told it was fully booked for the night. Did we nearly cry? Yeah lol. We ended up going to a bar/ restaurant down the road and still had a good night.

The only downside to being in Paris was... the MEN! My goodness. We couldn't get over how they STARE!!! They don't even look away when you realise they're doing so... they stare even more and some had a horrid smirk of their face.  Walking around we felt constantly under the male gaze.  At the place where we had our dinner, there was a creepy man sat at the bar staring at us ALL NIGHT. He met up with no-one and only left his gaze when he went to the toilet or for a smoke outside.  He was on his phone alot which caused Whitney to think he was planning a kidnapping of us.. We agreed if we leaves at the same time as us to stay behind. We got up to leave, and as did he!! Luckily we were not followed and it was all in our head. The waiter that served us was very funny- or so we thought. He seemed rather harmless, despite joking that the next picture he takes of us is with out clothes off.. As we went to leave we went to say goodbye and he pretty much groped me and demanded I leave my number. Instead we left our blog address!! haha. He was clearly not happy with this result and still tried to woo me outside. Whitney had had enough and informed him that I am her fiancée, to which he argued that he is my fiancé. This went on for a while until we realised we were being seroous... and then said he's very feminine and that having sex with him would be no different.. MEN! How many of you rolled your eyes during that?? lol. 

Overall we had an amazing time being back in Paris, and we can't wait to go back again! :)

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pair Up- Perfect For Long Distance!

We have just discovered this amazing app via tumblr and we just HAD to share it with you.  

"Be Together When You're Apart"

This is fantastic for those who are in long distance, or even away from their partner in the day.  It enables you to chat, draw sketches, send videos and pictures... and best of all share a 'thumbkiss'. You both place your thumb over same spot & it shares a kiss! SO CUTE!

Visit Pair to find out more.

So who's going to download it??

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Love Stories ♥ Gina & Samantha

A great story of when a 'chapstick' meets a 'femme', and find true love over bonding sessions at Starbucks. Our kind of girls!!


Love Stories ♥ Gina and Stephanie

My partner, Samantha, & I just celebrated our three year anniversary January 4th. We met our Junior year in college- at a Catholic Women Centered University in Pittsburgh, PA. I was an Art Education major, & she was a Business Management major. She happened to enroll in a 'Women in Art' course, that her advisor made her take for a required credit, but I on the other hand was looking forward to this course! The first day she walked into class, she caught my attention, but I was in a four year relationship that had been on & off at the time. I also never assumed she was a lesbian, she was very femme & didn't have 'the look'. I considered myself to be 'chapstick', but later on Sam informed me that she knew I was gay since the first time she seen me (with my jeans, Uggs, & North Face) – that's why she chose the closest seat to me in class. She continuously tried to grab my attention during lecture by tapping the girl who sat in between us, but of course I had all eyes on the professor because I was enamored with the class! I kept thinking to myself 'Why is this girl being so rude in class during lecture?!'. Unfortunately half way through the semester someone stole Samantha's laptop. This was right before mid terms, & she only took notes on her laptop. She came into class the following week, flustered about what had happened, & the prof asked the class if Sam could borrow anyone's notes - nobody offered. I couldn't believe it. So, of course, I handed her my freshly handwritten notes, shorthand & all, to copy before our exam. She was so grateful. One thing led to another, & we began chatting more during class breaks. Our insane attraction to each other was obvious- but I was still in my rocky relationship. My girlfriend at the time had wanted a break, & I was the one pushing to stay in the relationship because I don't believe in 'breaks'. Well, meeting Sam pushed me away from the unhealthy relationship.

Needless to say, Sam ended up getting a B+ on that midterm she had taken using my notes, & we started studying together. During this time, we would meet in the library & try our hardest to focus. It was very difficult, and probably not the best idea. I would get so nervous around her that my chest would break out in red blotchy hives. One word – embarrassing. I've never felt that way, ever. I knew she was trouble.

We had a huge project due at the end of the semester based on Women in Art – this was something I was looking forward to since the beginning of the semester. Sam & I were spending a lot of time together by now, and I had broken it off with my girlfriend. We shared our first espresso down the street from our school at Starbucks, & I know this sounds cliché, but I knew she would end up having my heart. I couldn't believe that I had came across someone so beautiful, smart, and single! We talked for hours about so many things. I looked forward to this class every week, because I knew I'd have a chance to see her. We spent so much time together, that I ended up staying up until 6 am the day before our project was due on the phone...mostly talking, but also helping her with her art history lingo. The rest of the day needed to be dedicated to finishing our projects. Which turned out successful. An A for myself, & a B- for Samantha (which she was happy with, not being an Art Major). Class was officially over, & I was hoping that our relations weren't.

She was sort of 'dating' another girl at the time we had met. Dating to some people means seeing strictly one person, & to others means seeing multiple people. I define it as being in a relationship with one person – I'm not a fan of 'dating' multiple girls (as some lesbians are lol). Over break, she came with me on a New Years trip (this was after we'd known each other for about 5 months), & I told her how I felt about dating other girls. I asked her to be in a relationship strictly with me...& she said yes. Needless to say, we live together now, & have been committed, & inseparable for three years. She's the one, & I knew it deep inside my heart since we shared our first date at Starbucks.

Submit your love stories to us, gay or straight, we just want to spread the aloha!

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