Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Update to our Meet Up!

Update to the Meet & Greet AKA #ROSWEGLYN

For our followers that are wanting to meet us in April-
Thank you for being so patient with us as we finalised all the details regarding our Meet-Up. We have some information available for you and we hope you’re still excited for what’s setting up to be an amazing afternoon!
We can confirm that this event will take place at The Mermaid Theatre, London, on Saturday, 26th April. Doors open at 1pm, the event will take place from 1.30-5.00pm.
Further details, for example how to get to the location, more specifics about what will happen on the day, etc, will be announced later on.
On Saturday 1st March, tickets will become available. We will post a link on our various social networking sites at midday, to where you'll be able to get them.
The tickets cost £12 per person plus service charges (which will vary depending on how many tickets you're buying at a time). The ticket includes a Q & A, and a Meet and Greet, and more fun surprises!
IMPORTANT: Please PRINT OUT and BRING THE TICKET WITH YOU on the day. Names and ticket codes will be tracked and verified at the door to prevent duplicate tickets.
We’re working SO hard to make sure that this is a day you will never forget!
Thank you again for your patience and support. We can't WAIT to chat and meet you ALL! 
Kaelyn, Lucy, Whitney, Megan, Rose and Rosie X

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Love Stories- Alex & Taylor ♥

I know, I bet you can't believe your eyes. Love Stories has finally made its return! & what better way to make a come back than with an American- British lesbian couple who's story of how they met is very similar to ours... semester in London is the way to go to get an American girl! ;) Take it away girls...

Love Stories- Alex & Taylor

Alex and Taylor

We met at university in London in September 2012, which sounds much more straight-forward than it has been! While I was at the university I attend full-time, Taylor was only there for a semester, studying abroad from her then university, University of San Diego. I am the President of my university's LGBT Society and Taylor had recently come out. She bravely made a move to get involved with our uni's LGBT Society and so the first time I laid eyes on her was as I frantically managed sign-ups at Fresher's Fair. I remember instantly being attracted to her but thinking it would be just my luck if she never actually turned up at any of our socials.

I was pleasantly surprised therefore when two days later she came to our first event. She was even more beautiful than I remembered (a pattern which has continued ever since!). She came with a group of friends and seemed very involved with them. I always try to talk to the people who don't have anyone to talk to and as Taylor did not seem to be one of the lonely ones, and I thought there was no way she'd be interested in me, I didn't really approach her. However, when we were walking from a pub to a club, I noticed she was on her own, not talking to anyone. I went over and introduced myself and once we arrived in the club, I was tipsy enough to make the uncool move of asking a friend to ask her what she thought of me. Amazingly she told him she liked me too!

It took us a week to arrange going on our first date rather than just seeing each other at bars and clubs with the LGBT society and in the one class we shared. Leaving for my first date with Taylor I was incredibly nervous, as I thought she was so beautiful and cool. Luckily though the evening was more perfect than I could have anticipated. I took her to dinner and conversation showed we really clicked. Not only was I incredibly attracted to her, but we connected on a deep spiritual level. I discovered she was into feminism, as am I, and we even discussed how many children we wanted on our first date! The perfect evening ended with us sharing our first kiss on the banks of the Thames.

From then on, Taylor and I only became more inseparable. That she was leaving at the end of December loomed over us horribly. We shared some lovely moments like her meeting my parents in November and many more beautiful dates and lazy days together. I was very unsure about trying long-distance with her - I'd tried long distance in the past and found it hard, and even friends who had left the country promising they'd keep in touch had never followed through on their word. I was terrified Taylor would do the same. However, as the end of Taylor's time drew near, we both agreed that we simply weren't ready to let the other go. We brought in the New Year together and vowed 2013 would be our year. We even took an incredible romantic mini break to Paris for the first week of January before we were forced to say our very tearful farewells.

But long-distance with Taylor was yet another pleasant surprise. We both found the first three months we were apart absolutely crippling but my fears did not come true: Taylor remained very much interested in me, and I just loved her more every day. Long distance gave us the wonderful gift of communication, which we managed even despite the eight hour time difference. We got into a pattern we are still in: Skypeing for at least an hour a day and having constant facebook message conversations throughout our shared waking hours.

I scrimped and saved to afford to fly to California in my easter break and we were reunited for four perfect weeks of sunshine in San Diego. Seeing each other again was unbelievable. Until we were reunited in LAX, I think there was always a part of me which wondered if I'd ever see her again. But when I got off my flight to see Taylor waiting for, looking even more lovely (and much more summery, considering we'd met in an English winter!) than I remembered, suddenly long distance felt like something we had under control. We discovered our time apart had forged an even stronger bond between us. We had the most magical trip, during which I got to see Taylor's life, attend some classes with her at her university, drive in her car with her and even meet her family including her much loved dog, Molly, and cat, Cleo, who had been frequent attendees of our Skype sessions!

I headed back to the UK to finish my final work for uni and start an internship. We hoped it would just be a month before Taylor joined me but a few set-backs turned it into three months. We finally managed to get Taylor here at the beginning of July and she stayed for three whole months: an incredible gift to a long distance couple. It was absolutely amazing to experience living together and we completely settled into being constantly in one another's company. We continued to fall more in love every day, and we even celebrated our first anniversary together, with an absolutely amazing day of surprises planned for me by Taylor! Taylor went back to the America for another three months, before returning to England for three weeks, when we got to spend our first Christmas togeher!! Every goodbye is still incredibly hard, but long distance is definitely starting to feel routine and something which we are totally on top of.

As this is my final year of university, it will also be our final year of long-distance! Fortunately I'm an American citizen as I was born there to English parents so we are incredibly lucky in having no visa complications in terms of me going to live there. I will be visiting California for five weeks in spring and then, amazingly, moving out to my beautiful girl in August of this year!! It is such an amazing feeling to know that we have conquered so much already, despite having been together a year and four months. No matter what happens, I know Taylor and my love will survive whatever comes our way - we've already proved it so, so many times over.

Wow! We are so jealous that they will not have to go through the visa process, but we wousnt wish it upon anyone. Best of luck conquering the distance girls! P.s can we come stay?

Send them a Tweet: @AlexandTay https://twitter.com/AlexandTay
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If you want your Love Story featured, email us with 'Love Story' in the subject and you may see it featured on our blog! 

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wegan Wednesday - New Videos Every Wednesday!

Every Wednesday we will be bringing you YouTube videos to your big / small screens! Christened 'Wegan Wednesday' you have something to look forward to on hump day. If you haven't already please do subscribe, it makes us happy :)

Here's what happened the last few Wegan Wednesdays,....

A Very Wegan Xmas

Take a look into the days running up to and after Xmas- we badly decorate a tree, Whitney gets drunk, Whitney's mother arrives... and there's some bad singing.

We celebrate boxing day, take a trip to London and also welcome in the New Year!

A blog post about our christmas break will follow soon!

Wegan Go To Greece

Part 1 of when we went to beautiful Crete, Greece last September. (I made myself jealous having to edit this!) Featuring Beth (Megan's sister), who she thinks the videos should all be about anyways... Plus not to be missed- Whitney's dance moves! Want to go bacckkk & have a lovely tan, thank you please. If you liked the look of where we stayed, check out Olea Villas. 

Do you enjoy our videos or do you prefer our blog? Do you enjoy our vlogs or what type of videos would you like to see? Comment below!

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Ok so we're a day late but we still want to wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day! We absolutely love this holiday. Cynics say its just a Hallmark holiday, but we love celebrating love! Even though we say I love you a million times a day, it's just something wonderful about seeing all the hearts, roses, pinks and reds everywhere. It is just so us!!

Being a long distance couple this was actually only our third one that we have been able to celebrate together out of our near 6 years of being an item! In 2012 we celebrated in Paris and last year we went all out with thoughtful gifts and a trip to London to go to the Ice Bar. This year we planned to be a bit more low key (& to try save on the pennies, which we're no good at). 

It's a good thing we decided to do that as Whitney currently has tonsillitis!! I've also been working from home all week due to the local flooding, my work was a no go area! As Whitney was off ill from work, her valentines day cards to me are in her desk! However all romance was not lost...

Whitney being ill completely threw me off my plan as I had ordered flower to be delivered to her work, but I was going to surprise her with them on her lunch break! I was also going to cutely decorate the house with red and pink balloons and paper heart confetti. I had to improvise with her being home, I managed to do it in secret (blew up balloons in the bathroom whilst she slept and one popped so I thought she was on to me!) I didn't get to blow up as many as I wanted to for fear of being caught but I managed to pull it off somewhat :) 

Unfortunately the flowers were unable to be delivered to our home due to them being based where she works, so I had to make a sneaky run to the grocery store for our lunch.. and de-toured to the florist! All in all I managed to pull off the little surprises and celebrate the day of love.

What did you do for Valentines Day? 

Do you believe in celebrating or is it just a day to make money?

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Lesson for Natwest, Love from Lesbians

I have been banking with Natwest since I was little, maybe from 11 years of age. It has been the only bank I have ever been with. 1 year ago my wife and I tried to set up a joint bank account. As she had just moved to the UK from America, it seems that due to a lack of credit, the joint account was not opened. However we did not ever receive a full explanation of why the account was not opened from Natwest. Due to the un-customer friendly hours of operations, it is very hard for the two of us to get to the bank at the same time. Natwest opens Monday - Friday 9am-5pm and Saturdays 9am - 12pm. Thus you either have to take time off work or scarficie a precious lie in to go see them.

1 whole year has passed and we still were in need of a joint bank account. Due to the floods recently I finally had time to get into my local Natwest (in Windsor FYI) to make an appointment to try set up a joint account again. Not wanting to take the 4pm appointments during working days, I selected to go for 11.30am on a Saturday. This is when I started to felt rather disheartened, the next appointment would be on 22 February 2014. Bearing in mind I made this appointment weeks ago at the time I am writing this post!

Then to my disbelief, the customer services representative started to refer to my partner as "your friend" as soon as she heard me use the female pronoun for my partner. 

"Does your FRIEND bank with us?" 

"Where does your FRIEND work?" 

"If this appointment is unsuitable for your FRIEND, then just give us a call". 

I was so shocked that I didn't know what to do. I walked out absolutely fuming that my wife was reduced to my "friend". I considered she maybe got confused and thought she misheard me say partner but 1) why would I be opening a joint account with my "friend"? 2) she cant have mistook I meant "business partner" as she referred to her as my "friend". Either she didn't want to refer to my partner as my PARTNER due to her own beliefs, or a lack of equality and diversity training. It really is ironic when Natwest currently have an advert featuring a lesbian couple!

I then walked into the new bank on the high street- Metro Bank. You may have seen them popping up, with their glass buildings and totally different format and setting up inside, it's hard to miss!

I had a great customer experience and they didn't bat an eyelid when I mentioned my partner with the female pronoun. They have great customer friendly hours, they are open 8-8pm Monday - Friday, and open 8-6pm on Saturdays (so not just half a day) and even open on Sunday 11am-5pm (so not shut like other banks!) 

I returned the following week with Whitney to set up our joint account, when we told the bank rep that we are married to one another I braced myself but to my surprise we were greeted with "CONGRATULATIONS!" what a relief! It turned out that our bank rep was also gay himself and we had fantastic customer service from him (shout out to Ross). We didn't have all the paperwork we needed, so we returned the next day to finish setting up our joint account. To our surprise Ross gave us a Civil Partnership present from Metro Bank at Windsor! Along with a cute card! It was so, so sweet and we were very grateful! He clocked on to our coffee love and even gifted us enough money in our joint account to go have a coffee! 
So thank you Metro, you were fabulous.


Megan & Whitney x

(not opening a joint account with Natwest, please cancel our appointment).

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