Wegan Memory: 17/07/09


Thought you've seen it all?... Well think again! As I'm sure, the majority have seen many many Wegan pictures already (sorrryyy). However I've decided to give it somewhat more depth to the copious amount of pictures and give you a memory that accompanies with it :) These will be totally random, back & forth, so enjoy your ride through Wegan time!

The pic above was taken on Whitney's second day in the UK this year. We were in my home town and literally about to run off to Cardiff for the week. This pic certainly brings back feelings of excitement because, hell firstly it was the second day we could actually physically touch each other! (Hey... don't go there!!) & also we felt like we had all the time left in the world just beginning the first of our travels, where later France & London would come! So really this pic summarises our moods as: ':D :D :D :D :D', yes that's the technical term! ;)

So there we go short & sweet :)

Megan x