Wegan Safely United!

Wohoo!! Wegan are officially united!! Despite the ash cloud scare, everything went to schedule with no delays. Phew!! Whit was here before we both knew it, & what an amazing feeling it was to be picking her up from the airport EEE! Especially knowing how much time lies ahead of us.

Now you may be thinking- WHAT are you doing updating your damn blog when Whitney's here??... Well, Whitney's been asleep for the passed two hours :( Damn jet lag. I've run out of things to do (aka refresh facebook & twitter).. so here I am!

Just a little recap, we spent one night in Windsor with an early rise today to head to Cardiff for the next few days (I gots to work damn it!). We had a yummy halloumi salad for lunch. Not long after, Whit crashed in bed bless her. I'm starting to feel the same now as have been ill with a stupid cold for the passed few days. BOO :(

With that exciting update, I present to you the first Wegan pic of the summer:


(Spot the pesky sister.. it took me a while!)

Think I will wake the sleeping beauty for dinner time... she wont sleep tonight otherwise!

M x