Gay Rights & Rants- Round 2

Unusually I'm back for a second time this week, as there have been events that cannot go past ignored.

Firstly there has been the horribly sad news of Ugandan gay activist David Keto being murdered on 26/01/11. It is reported that since The Rolling Stones newspaper list the 'top 100 gays' in Uganda, in which David sued them, he had received many death threats and he was too scared to leave his house. It is said that his death is not linked to his activism, but I find that hard to believe. Hundreds gathered for his funeral. R.I.P David, you brave man.

Following on from this, a lesbian (Brenda Namigadde) currently seeking asylum in the UK, is set to be deported back to Uganda; despite the knowledge she will be arrested upon arrival an most likely tortured and killed. It has been stated that
"An immigration judge found on the evidence before him that Ms Namigadde was not homosexual."
How they 'determine' how someone is truly gay is most likely to be flawed, and the fact she most likely IS a lesbian, then it is horrid they would deport her. Furthermore IF she isn't a lesbian, they will still think she is and she will no doubt be murdered as a result of homophobia. How is sending anything to their death right? News just in, she has been temporarily reprieved.

Sadly there is a continuation of homophobia with the Conservative blogger Richard Carvarth blog post about the blood ban on gay men. He had some unbelievably horrid remarks to make, and you really won't believe it until you read it. Though they are so disgusting and despicable that it's almost laughable. This post was written in November 2010 but has suddenly gone viral the past week, with some amusing readers comments it must be said. To read the full post click here, but here are some quotes:

"The ban on homosexual-perverts donating blood is an example of sensible and rightful discrimination."
"Given that homosexual-perverts are generally riddled with a result of their sodomitical activities, it is entirely right and proper that the National Blood Service refuses to accept their poisonous blood."
"As all right-thinking men know, we are sexually compatible with women - we are not sexually compatible with other men."
His views are clearly off the chart homophobic and sadly he justifies it due to religion:
"(2) I renounce every curse and evil word written and spoken about me here and elsewhere in the name of Jesus."
Despite his wish to be a Tory MP, I think he has (luckily) successfully shot himself in the foot here. You'd think perhaps he will take on board the criticisms he has received & reflect about his homophobic behaviour... You thought wrong, I stumbled across a lovely piece written by Mr. Carvath in 2009 where he had blogged similarly homophobic remarks and received lots of complaints, not only from the public but from newspapers and the police. He calls this 'heterophobia'... Some people will just never learn.

My friend Sarah (from love stories) has set up a facebook group against him, to join click here.

With some (sort of) good news,the first prosectuion under homophobic incitement law has been passed against two men for stirring up homophobic hatred through leaflets. Read Stonewall's response here.

Lastly with more positive news, civil unions look set to (hopefully) pass in Hawaii. YAY! There is still quite a few processes to go (through Sentate & then House). But perhaps Whitney & I can have our beach wedding there sooner than we thought ;)

M x