Gay Rights & Round Up

Hey all,

Sorry that I've been totally lacking in this department lately. Is harder to keep up to date with all the LGB news when I'm well.. the other side of the world on a beach. Though do not fear I have of course been keeping my eye on it all.

This is just a very quick post to request you all to please sign this petition against this awful and outrageous anti-gay bill proposed to pass in Uganda, entitled "Kill The Gays". Click here to sign it.

Another homophobic bill is occurring much closer to home in Tennessee (where Whitney was born). It's entitled 'Don't Say Gay' and very similar to Section 28 in the UK, which thankfully was outlawed in 2003. There is, as expected, a lot of outrage in response to the bill. Click here to read more.

Is it just me but as times and equality progresses, things also go backwards too? As they say, one step forward, two steps back.


M x