From Aloha To Goodbye :(


We embarked on our journey together in Hawaii saying good riddance to long distance in the hope we would inevitably be returning together to the UK. With a visa application sent and a ticket for Whitney to the UK we didn't foresee the horrid turn back to long distance around the corner.

Today has come far too soon and is the dreaded day we have to yet again do an airport goodbye, one we hoped to never go through again. We have grown even more in love and closer than ever before, which we thought was impossible. Going from spending 24/7 together for practically 3 months to no longer going to bed and waking up next to each other is no doubt going to be tougher than ever before; but as always, we'll get through it as true love prevails all. On to plan B...

In the mean time we have so much for you to catch up on so expect these future posts:
  • What Wegan Did Next: The End of Hawaii
  • What Wegan Did Next: South Carolina
  • Many Vlogs
  • What Wegan Wore
  • Gay Rights & Roundups
A hui hou...